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Adult Electric Scooter

Have you ever thought an electric scooter may be exactly what you’ve been looking for? It’s no secret that the world is demanding as an adult. Whether you’re a mother, father, worker or student, life certainly waits for nobody these days! What you need is something that moves you from A to B quickly, efficiently and, ideally, in an environmentally responsible way.

With traffic increasing in Australian cities and suburbs, it’s no wonder adults are looking to use an electric scooter to travel to and from their daily activities. They are the perfect combination of style, affordability, functionality and sustainability. Take a look at just some of the adult electric scooters offered from our distributors to find the perfect fit for you.

Kids Electric Scooter

Fear not all you adventurous children out there! Even though scooters have moved into the adult world, there are still plenty of electric scooter options out there for you too. Here are some of the best models we have for sale, and why they’re perfect for any scooter mad kid.

Tahwalhi Travel 3

The Tahwalhi Travel 3 is an awesome choice for the younger ones between 6 and 8 years old. If it’s their first time riding an electric scooter, it’s an affordable and safe option. It has safety features that ensures your child is having fun and staying safe, including a back brake.

Segway Ninebot ZING E8

The Tahwalhi Travel 3 is an awesome choice for the younger ones between 6 and 8 years old. If it’s their first time riding an electric scooter, it’s an affordable and safe option. It has safety features that ensures your child is having fun and staying safe, including a back brake.

Segway Ninebot E22

For kids aged 13 and over, the Ninebot E22 couldn’t be a better choice. It boasts a sturdy frame with wheels that won’t flatten or puncture, ensuring your ride is as comfortable as it can be. The three standard riding modes – cruise, normal and sports allow you to be confident in all situations. Safety features include a dual-braking system, headlight, taillight and a trusty old school style bell to alert pedestrians!

Electric Scooter Australia

These products have seen a massive rise in popularity lately in Australia. They are attractive not only for their sleek and simple design, but their functionality and low environmental impact as well. If you’re looking to pick one up from our site, we’d like to offer a few tips for choosing a scooter that’s going to suit your needs.

Wheel size is always a big factor when choosing your scooter. If you live in a CBD and only commute over short distances the durability and performance of your wheels might not be as important for you. However, if you live in the suburbs where pavements and roads can be uneven and unpredictable, these factors will definitely be something to consider. Make sure you’re familiar with the environment you’ll be riding in, the distance you’ll need to travel and which features are most important to you. The main factors you’ll need to consider are wheel size, tyre construction and the suspension system. Everything else will come down to your own personal preference!

Off Road Electric Scooter

With an incredible variety of scooters available on our website, you can quickly and easily choose an affordable option for your suburban or inner-city needs! But what if you have more of a taste for the rugged outdoors? Enter the off-road electric scooter. They are specially designed to give you an incredible experience on rough terrain including dirt, gravel and forest floor.

The design includes a heavier frame, a larger battery and increased suspension quality. The most significant difference though, is the motor power. Depending on how rigorous your activity will be, we recommend for an off-road model investing in nothing short of 2000W.

Foldable Electric Scooter

Possibly one of the best features on modern scooters is their ability to fold up and be packed away. If you’re riding from home to the train or bus station, there’s no need to worry about a clunky, inconvenient scooter on busy public transport. Simply fold it up and forget about it!
Even if you ride all the way into work, you won’t annoy your office friends by leaving your scooter lying around. Fold it up, place it beside or under your desk and crack on with your day.
One of the main differences between foldable and regular scooters is that foldables will utilise a battery powered motor, as opposed to petrol. Even so, most scooters these days in everyday use are going eco and ditching the petrol option altogether, making the difference between models hardly noticeable at all!

Big-Wheeled Electric Scooter

The wheels you choose on your scooter can make or break your riding experience. Depending on your personal situation and needs, you will need to consider the size of your wheels. If you know you’ll be travelling on uneven surfaces, you’ll need to ensure your wheels are going to be capable of riding over bumps in the pavements or inconvenient rocks and sticks.
Some of the advantages of bigger wheels include – the motor using less power to travel longer distances, greater shock absorption, improved safety and larger decks for comfortable footing.

Our store offers you all the range of big-wheeled scooters you will ever need. Visit us and find the perfect electric scooter for you or your child.

“No longer are scooters just for kids and skate bowls, they’re the future of daily travel.”

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