How Much Are Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular in Australia in recent years as they are exceptionally useful as personal transport for short and longer commutes. But how much is an electric scooter?

This is the big question that marks the way for any people interested in diving into the electric scooter market, and the answer will usually depend on the type of electric scooter that you are looking for. As there are numerous different types of electric scooters available on the market, with each catering to a specific need, there is an overwhelming variety of choice for adult electric scooters, making it difficult to figure out what the best electric scooters for you are. But dont worry! Below we explain exactly what the style of scooters are and how their features affect their price tags.

Styles of Electric Scooter

Man holding an electric scooter while textingElectric scooters for adults come in two main styles — commuter e-scooters and adventure or performance e-scooters. Commuter electric scooters are designed for personal transport and everyday city commutes and are the scooters you see most often, zooming around the city with their exceptionally satisfied riders. A commuter e-scooter will usually be more lightweight and compact than a performance e-scooter, and is designed to be ridden on footpaths and roads with a top speed of 25km/hr.

Performance or adventure tend to be larger because they are fitted with heavier and more specialised features. For this kind of e-scooter, expect to see chunky tyres offering more ground clearance and other off-road features. These high performance electric scooters also boast an impressive range and faster speeds than their commuter counterparts, because of these large additions.

Of course, with additional features comes additional costs for the manufacturer, boosting prices higher and higher. However, with the wide range of electric scooter available from small and leading brands, it becomes difficult to determine what is and isn’t a good price. So what really raises the costs?

What Goes Into Electric Scooters’ Pricing?

Power and Range

Man standing on an electric scooter on a road downhillPower and range is a key consideration for those looking to take their electric scooter on medium or long distance commutes. All electric scooters run off battery packs and as such maximum power outputs depends on the type and size of battery that the model utilises. Another factor to consider is a scooter’s power output with motor power ranging from 250 watts to beyond 6000 watts in some adventure models. Although it should be noted that top speed is still capped at 25km/h for public use in most states and territories.

When it comes to range, you can expect entry level models to deliver approximately 25kms, with more powerful adventure models delivering up to 150kms. If you are looking for speed when riding an electric scooter, you should buy a dual motor one, but if you need to optimize your range and battery life, make sure you leave it on eco mode single motor.

“With the wide range of electric scooters available it becomes difficult to determine what is and isn’t a good price. So what really raises the costs?”


A high quality brakes system is vital for safety on an electric scooters and as such all are equipped with either mechanical or electrical brakes. Mechanical brakes use physical mechanisms to slow the electric scooter down, while electric brakes use the motor itself. There are a number of brake types that fall under the mechanical and electrical brake categories. One of the most common and effective brake types are disc brakes, however some models may feature drum or foot brakes which are generally lower maintenance, however may have a lower performance than disc brakes.

Generally, mechanical brakes deliver a stronger braking force, while models with electric brakes may benefit from less maintenance and adjustment. Many electric scooters feature one electric brake and one mechanical brake, delivering combination braking that reduces the chances of brake failure.

Some electric scooters also have brakes fitted to only the front or rear wheel. Higher end models generally have brakes fitted on both the front and rear wheels, which offers more powerful braking with less risk of slippage. However, with the increased performance coming from these additions, an increase is price also follows.


Man standing on a hill beside an electric scooter with large wheelsSuspension on an electric scooter helps to improve the ride quality, reduce the impact of bumps on the road and make braking, accelerating and handling smoother and safer. Depending on how you plan to use your electric scooter, suspension quality may play a part in your decision.

For adventure and off road use, high quality suspension and tyres is key to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. For those planning longer commutes on roads, ensuring your electric scooter has adequate suspension is also important since potholes and bumps in the road can be very uncomfortable with bad suspension.

The main types of suspension used in electric scooters are spring, hydraulic and rubber suspension. Generally speaking, high end electric scooters will use a combination of spring and hydraulic suspension. Cheaper and entry level models may forego suspension entirely, relying on large tyres to provide a dampening effect when going over bumps.

Weight and Portability

Electric scooters come in a range of weights, with some designed to be more portable and lightweight for travel on public transport and convenience. The most portable electric scooters will fold down to make them easier to transport and store, with most electric scooter models utilising a folding mechanism built into the stem, and some even allowing their handlebars to fold as well.

Electric Scooter Wheels & Tyres

Electric scooter tyres come in two main types — air filled (pneumatic) and airless. Air filled tyres will generally deliver a higher quality, smoother ride and be able to perform in a variety of road conditions. However, airless tyres often feature on entry level electric scooters that are accessible at a lower price point, and can also be more lightweight and portable than pneumatic tyres.

What To Expect For Your Budget

Couple having fun with electric scootersUnder 1000

This price point is achievable for children’s e-scooters and entry level adult electric scooters. At this price point, expect a standard electric scooter with a range of about 25kms, around 250 watts of motor power and in-wheel suspension.

1000 – 2000

This price range is what you can expect to pay for a quality commuter e-scooter. At this point an electric scooter will have quality suspension, around 500 watts of motor power and a range of about 45 kms.

2000 – 3000

This range is what you will be expected to pay for high quality commuter e-scooters, as well as some entry level adventure electric scooter models. At this price point commuter scooters will include all the accessories, have higher capacity batteries, quality suspension and componentry while adventure models may be more basic.

3000 – 4000

At this price point you can find the most premium electric scooter models as well as specialty models designed for off-roading. At this price point, you can expect a 100km range, around 1000 watts of motor power and quality front and rear braking. All terrain, air-filled tyres are more common at this price range.

For top of the range adventure, premium models can exceed 4K. At this price, expect excellent power and torque, high speed, off road tyres and front and rear disc braking. You can also expect ranges exceeding 100km.

“If you ride a shared e-scooter for 10 minutes twice a day you’re looking at $2,400 per year…Is that a better choice than buying a scooter outright?”

Owning VS Renting an Electric Scooter

Two electric scooters with helmet attached parked on the side of the roadAn important option to consider when looking at electric scooters is whether simply renting an electric scooter would be more cost effective. At first glance, it may seem that buying your own electric scooter is more expensive than riding a shared scooter. However, in the long run, costs stack up and shared e-scooters can be more expensive than personal e-scooters.

So, how much do electric scooters cost to rent? Riding a shared electric scooter usually costs a dollar to unlock and around $0.40 per minute. If you ride a shared e-scooter for 10 minutes twice a day for five days a week, then you spend $10 per day, $50 per week, around $200 per month, or $2,400 per year.

Meanwhile, if you buy a personal electric scooter that fits into the entry level commuter bracket of around $1000, and allot $200 for maintenance for a year, then it will only cost you $1999 for after one year. After that, the succeeding years will only have maintenance expenses which can be me or less than $200. Overall, owning an electric scooter is a more practical choice.

Why Do Electric Scooters Cost So Much?

Admittedly, even though electric scooters are significantly cheaper than traditional transport options, they are still quite a large investment that is beyond simply buying to try out on a whim. If you’re interested in purchasing an electric scooter, it is a good idea to do your research and find out exactly what electric scooter is best for you!

Cropped image of a woman riding an electric scooterStill, it is sometimes difficult to understand why, despite being just an electronic version of a kick scooter, why electric scooters are so expensive. One of the main reasons for their price is the fact that they are a new technology. There is still so much room for research and improvement and as such electric scooter development makes their value go up. Another reason for its price is the electric scooter battery. E-Scooter batteries are the most volatile and untested piece of hardware in electric scooters, so, research and development for high-performance batteries cost quite a lot. Other factors included in an e-scooter cost include the brand name, labour, and shipping, among others.

However, when it comes to e-scooter prices, it’s a fact that lower-priced electric scooters are made from materials and processes of lower quality. So, higher-priced electric scooters are generally more capable, durable, and reliable than options that cost less than $300. If you want to get a high-quality e-scooter for a lower price then your best bet would be to look for second hand options or wait for a sale.

Are Electric Scooter Worth The Money?

Overall, electric scooters are worth every cent that you invest in them. Compared to buying a car or motorcycle, an electric scooter is a convenient, cost-effective, and compact choice for commuters and travellers. In terms of costs, a car will cost six times more to run a mile, unlike an e-scooter. Moreover, electric scooter don’t emit any harmful gases, making them an eco-friendly choice. If you’re looking for a cheap, fun, and environmentally friendly transport option then start looking for your perfect electric scooter!