Buying Electric Scooters versus hiring Electric Scooters in Australia

Unless you’ve been out of the loop, electric scooters have become familiar sights in Australia’s big cities. The electric scooter sharing/hire scheme, was brought to Australia by a California-based company, seems to be creating a buzz with all the Aussies.

The National Transport Commission, still needs to give electric scooters the nod as the commission has an ongoing investigation regarding the safety features of the motorised scooter even when they are available for sale or hire on the market.

For now what you need to know is a basic background about how, why, and where about the electric scooters.

Booking and hiring costs

The cost is always the crucial point that will sway your decision whether to buy or hire an electric scooter. Buying outright might temporarily set you back, however, the payback can be surprisingly quick compared to the costs of hiring.

In Australia, while electric scooter sales are rises, the current trend for electric scooters is an e scooter sharing/hiring service . This includes downloading apps that supply locations to hire and pick them up from. From there it is as simple as using the app to unlock the e scooters with either a 6-digit vehicle code or a QR scan code and off you go.

Unlocking the motorised scooter costs $1 for four minutes, an extra $0.15 is charged after the 4 minutes is up.  You may opt for an hour ride for $15 or $5 for 20 minutes. Hiring an electric scooters for an entire day can quickly burn a hole in the pocket. The way to do it smartly is by hiring a new electric scooters after the allotted time is up.

Why should I buy an electric scooter?

Buying the electric scooter outright may feel at first like a decent amount of funds, yet, if you take a look at the costs of hiring one above, buying trumps on all accounts.  Costs of the e scooters vary depending on brand and model. It’s natural that you will pay more for the quality brands and with everything fully-loaded to pack a punch, your electric scooter will be worth the money you spent.

Who is allowed to ride them?

Man riding an electric scooter while holding a paper cupA rider needs to be at least 16 years of age to be allowed to ride the electric scooter. There’s no driver’s license requirement but an adult has to be present when the rider is aged 12-16 years old.

Where is the electric scooter allowed to go?

Pathways are the allowed routes for electric scooters. On-road bike lanes and roads are off-limits to the electric scooter. Special cases such as avoiding a footpath obstruction can allow your electric scooter to pass. Separated paths with a bicycle side also allow use of electric scooters.  Only high-speed electric scooters are permitted to rise on Australia roads. Be sure to check the Electric Scooter Australia laws for more details.

What is the approved speed limit for the e- scooters?

Motorised scooters are allowed up to the speed of 25 km. However, you must make sure that you are ready to stop the electric scooter quickly to avoid any collision. Wearing a helmet is a must just like riding a bike.

Where can you find them?

Currently, electric scooters for hire are restricted to major Australian cities such as Brisbane and Sydney. In these cities, hiring an electric scooter is limited to inner cities only. Living in the suburbs means absolutely no access to hiring any kinds and types of a motorised scooter.  If buying is more your thing, then check out the electric scooters on our page to help you with your choice.

Why should I purchase an electric scooter?

Buying your own electric scooter means having it with you all the time. Messy maps and apps will be the less appealing experience as you look for a place that hires out electric scooters. The only hassle-free experience is to own your own motorised scooter.