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A Self Balancing Hoverboard is Environmentally Friendly and Endless Amounts of Fun

Off the top of my head, I can’t think of too many pastimes that are more exhilarating than a real life self-balancing hoverboard? This craze has taken the world by storm and become an obsession for kids all across the globe. We’re seeing celebrities, parents, teachers and everyone in between take up hoverboarding and with good reason. They are amazing fun, eco-friendly and a safe alternative to travelling at risky speeds for a thrill.

It’s just a little unfortunate that what we’re talking about doesn’t exactly look like the one Marty McFly teased us with in Back to the Future all those years ago. Nevertheless though, these bad boys are still pulling some serious street cred. Just like in the movie, your control and direction follow the shift in your weight and balance. This allows you to pull off awesome tricks at home as well as commute to work in a timely and energy efficient manner.

There’s no longer a need to work up a sweat before work by having to ride a bike or walk long distances. You can start reducing your environmental impact by keeping the car at home and beating the traffic on your hoverboard.

A Self Balancing Hoverboard is an Active Alternative to Hours on Screens

It can be tough these days to unhook kids from their screens and social media. A hoverboard is as sure a way as any to get the kids out in to the fresh air and experience some real-life thrills. There’s plenty of incentives (think back pocket!) for parents to encourage this as well as most hoverboards available are significantly cheaper than a lot of other entertainment options. You only need to buy one gaming PC or laptop before you understand what we mean.

If you’re thinking a self balancing hoverboard could be what you or your child has been looking for, here are a few handy tips and guidelines to consider before buying one from our new online store.

Quality Matters!

Given the nature of a self balancing hoverboard, you tend to knock them around a fair bit. Ensuring your board is constructed with high quality materials that can last the Australian conditions and your child’s enthusiasm is essential. Often the price will differ depending on the materials used. Have a deeper look at the specs of the board and decide whether paying extra for more durable materials is worth your while.

How Difficult is the Assembly?

If you’ve ever tried to put together Ikea furniture or any other kind of flat pack, then you know why assembly is important. You want to look for a hoverboard that’s simple to assemble but robust enough to withstand the pressure of being ridden. If self-assembly is not really your thing you can always buy boards that are pre-assembled to eliminate any possible stressful moments.

What Makes Up a Self Balancing Hoverboard?

One of, if not, the most crucial elements of a hoverboard is how it balances itself. A sophisticated system working on the inside of the board senses, reacts and countermeasures your weight in order to move it where you want to go. The better the balancing system, the smoother the ride.

What you’d expect to find inside a hoverboard is a frame with a central pivot to allow the board to rotate, a logic board responsible for reading the changes in pressure and responding to them and a pair of gyroscopes. There are also some infrared sensors, a pair of electric motors to power each wheel, charging port and pressure plates. All of these components work together to create a sensational riding experience that is unique to this vehicle.

The Brains of the Operation

Balance comes down to brains when talking about hoverboards. The main logic board is the star of the show and allows the signals sent by the pressure plates and sensors to be interpreted and rerouted into actions like acceleration, braking and turning.

So, while there’s a bit to go before we see a Marty McFly hoverboard replica, we’re doing just fine with the technology available to us today. To lock in your ultimate morning commute machine or your child’s next birthday surprise, visit our store and pick up a self balancing hoverboard today!

“Start reducing your environmental impact by keeping the car at home and skipping traffic on your hoverboard.”

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