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Too Old for Electric Scooters? Adult Riders Can Still Join In!

Why should it only be the younger folk having all the fun when it comes to electric scooters? Adult children can now ride along and relive the freedom and joy of their childhood! Whether it’s for business or pleasure, electric scooters are trending. Millions of adults are now utilising them every day to travel to work, bounce around the CBD, or simply have fun with on the weekend.

Scooters are a cost-effective option for skipping that nasty peak-hour traffic and are totally eco-friendly. Cut back on the cost of public transport and pick yourself up an electric scooter today! Visit our online store and check out an entire range to suit your needs. If you’re having trouble deciding which option is right for you, you’re in luck! Here are some quick, helpful guidelines for when it comes to choosing electric scooters adult riders will love.

Consider Suspension and Shock Absorption

We don’t need to tell you that standing on your feet all day can be a pain in the… well, let’s just say lots of places! Unless you opt for a four-wheel option the results can be the same with electric scooters. Adult riders should consider a couple of key components to prevent back or muscle injuries from riding on rocky roads or uneven paths. Let’s start with the wheels.

Australia can be pretty unforgiving when it comes to surfaces to ride on. This means your scooter will likely have to manoeuvre over gravel strips and negotiate cracks in the pavement. Having larger wheels can help overcome these obstacles with relative comfort and ease.

Wheels Propel, and They Protect!

Whilst the wheels are primarily there to propel the scooter along, they also act as shock absorbers by lessening the force of vibrations felt between surfaces and the electric scooters. Adult riders generally opt for larger wheel size because the bigger the wheels, the smoother the ride. They’ve also been shown to greatly assist in preventing potential injuries.

Bigger Wheels Means a Bigger Deck

The good thing about bigger wheels is that they are usually accompanied by a bigger deck. A bigger deck means more room for your feet which adds to your overall comfort. If your feet have to balance to stay on a deck, you can end up having muscle pain which is a sure-fire way to kill your enjoyment. With a bigger deck, your feet can stay firmly planted, giving you the comfort and support you need. 

Exciting Electric Scooters with Adult Accessories

Whilst kids love their gadgets and accessories, there are plenty of options out there for adults too. Once you’ve nailed the basics in terms of quality material, wheel construction, size and style, the rest is all up to your imagination.  


You might be more technologically inclined and want GPS, Bluetooth compatibility or the latest innovation when it comes to ergonomic design. Or, you could have simpler taste and just want an old fashioned, sturdy design that will last you for years to come. Our point is, it doesn’t matter! There are no rules! Whatever your preference, you can customise and construct the perfect electric scooter for you. 

Some Extras to Consider

Customising the specs on your scooter to fit your needs starts by thinking about power. You have to figure out how much power you’ll need to propel you where you need to go. If you’re mostly travelling on flat ground, then pretty much any model will get you there. But if you’re looking for something with a little more grunt, then we suggest prioritising the motor output. Remember though, with great power comes great responsibility, so you’ll need to be aware of your local laws before riding as there may be speed restrictions in place.

The other major player in the spec realm is the range and battery life of electric scooters. Adult riders sometimes need to travel long distances. So, if that’s you, you’ll not only require a powerful motor but a long-lasting battery as well. Be sure to check the battery life and range your scooter is packing before purchasing so you don’t end up walking your ride home!

Now that you have some more info about choosing the perfect unit for you, head over to our new online store and check out the extensive range on offer. When it comes to electric scooters, adult riders deserve their share of fun too!

“Adult riders generally opt for larger wheel size because the bigger the wheels, the smoother the ride.”

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