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Real Hoverboard

If you’re chasing after a pink and green floating board like Marty McFly had in Back to the Future, you’re unfortunately out of luck. That said though, an electric hover board runs a very close second!

While floating hover boards don’t yet exist, an electric hover board (or self-balancing scooter) is a pretty cool alternative. Whether you’re a kid or a kid in an adults’ body, there’s fun to be had by all. The first of these products came on the scene around 2013 and it didn’t take long before they were in the Christmas stockings of kids (and adults…) across Australia.

What started as an exciting new fad quickly caught the attention of the media as the electric hover board became infamous for catching on fire, usually when charging. The industry quickly responded to these incidents, solving issues with the battery and establishing a UL certification standard which ensures the safety and functionality of each item. Now they are back, better and safer than ever before!

Best Hoverboard

The best electric hover board is like a work of fine art – the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are so many different models on the market, all with a huge number of diverse features that cater for absolutely everyone.

We generally recommend that people aged 8+ are suited for riding on an electric hover board, however my 6-year-old cousin absolutely crushes it on the board and is 100% up for the challenge. It’s definitely a judgement call and nobody knows your child better than you and what they are capable of. Between the two of you, you’ll know when the time is right. It is important though, whoever is riding it, to ensure their safety by kitting them up with a quality helmet and pads.

The best hover board is also the safest hover board. With the memory of boards catching on fire still living in the back of some parents’ minds, it’s important to note that in every case, the ones that malfunctioned were not UL certified. It is now easier than ever to check for that certification and know that your fun won’t result in flames.

Once safety and features have been established, it’s time to talk about Bluetooth.

Hoverboard with Bluetooth

An electric hover board with Bluetooth speakers is a must have for any rider. I can’t imagine cruising along with my mates without our favourite tunes setting the vibe. Wind in your hair isn’t the same without music in your ears!

The Bluetooth function has become a much-loved staple in many modern boards, in a similar way to modern cars. It has no impact on the overall aesthetic of the electric hover board and is super easy to manage. Most models enable Bluetooth as long as the board is powered up, making connectivity super easy. A modern board feels incomplete without the power of Bluetooth connectivity.

Self Balancing Hoverboard

Another name for an electric hover board is a self-balancing hoverboard. Celebrities, workers, CEOs and even grandparents ride around on them these days! They are known for their endless fun, ease of use and low environmental impact. They run on electric batteries meaning they simply need to be charged up and they’re ready to go. Some are even solar powered to be even more energy efficient. They truly are the future of leisure and short-distance travel.

Before deciding on which model to buy (there are so many!), you need to know how and when you’re going to ride one. This will help you pinpoint exactly what features you want so you can be completely satisfied with your decision.

The way it works is simple. All you have to do is shift your weight the way you want to go and the highly intelligent board will interpret your movements and change direction accordingly. It senses both direction and weight distribution meaning you can not only control direction, but also speed.

Over the last decade, the electric hover board has come a long way. The technology is stable and proven now and the standards have really risen to ensure the safety of all riders. Designs continue to dazzle with new models being released every year. Who knows, at this rate we might see an electric hover board like Marty McFly’s sooner rather than later! Check out our new shop today for a range of options to suit you!

“They are so fun; like you’re living in the future!”

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