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What to Look for in the Best Hoverboard

If you’re searching for the best hoverboard on the market, there are some important factors to consider. Before we get too carried away though, it’s important to clear this up. Sorry to disappoint, but we aren’t talking about a floating pink board that Marty McFly flew around on in Back to the Future way back when! Unfortunately, that technology is still a little out of reach. It’s not all bad news though. A new blend of technology and science has given us our own version of the hoverboard that’s packed with loads of fun and attitude!

Choose the Best Hoverboard for You

If you’re reading this, chances are you or your child has seen other riders zipping around on them and now you want one yourself. Some models can be pricey though, so it’s important you pick up the best hoverboard for your budget. We’d like to help with a few handy tips to help you decide on the best hoverboard for you.

Look at the UL Certification

Safety first, right? Even the most serious riders out there know that there’s no sense in risking your safety when riding. That’s why checking the UL certification on your board is essential. With speeds of up to 20km/h powered by a lithium-ion battery, there is some risk associated with these awesome toys. 

UL certified boards ensure you as a rider, or parent, that your device is highly unlikely to malfunction and combust. Whilst a guarantee of 100% safety has yet to be reached, making sure it’s UL certified will give you 99% peace of mind. With proper care and maintenance, you can confidently put your faith in your UL certified board. 

Know the Type of Hoverboard You Want

There are three main types of hoverboard to suit different needs and situations. Each model will have different specifications including wheel size, battery life and style.  The three main types of boards are: classic, off-road and self-balancing.  The classic style board boasts 6.5” wheels and a sleek body style which doesn’t compensate for weight shift, meaning it is not self-balancing.  The off-road style is pretty self-explanatory. Some of the most popular boards in this range are the E3 and the Infinity Pro. They have larger 8” wheels and more powerful motors to compensate for the rougher terrains. They also perform well if you’re on the heavier side and worried about the support a classic style offers. Self-balancing boards utilise an inner gyroscope to compensate for shift in weight, keeping the rider balanced and upright without much manual adjustment. The Edge is a popular model in this range.   

The Best Hoverboard Charges Quickly and Lasts Long

Most hoverboards take a fair amount of time to charge. If you are charging it overnight for a daily commute, happy days! Time is on your side. However, if you need it on the go or for long periods of time without charging, you’ll want to consider some boards that are specifically designed for your needs. 

Which brings us to the element of range. If the distance you need to travel exceeds 10km or 15km, you’ll need to choose wisely. Whilst some models are built to last for 10km and more, many aren’t.  

Need for Speed

How fast do you want to go? That’s the question. Consideration of the speed you’ll be travelling at will influence the model of hoverboard you’ll want to purchase. If it’s just for commute to and from work, you might opt for a model that prioritises control over high speeds. We suggest that the best hoverboard has a max speed between 9km and 11km. These models are generally well-built and are designed for a blend of speed and safety. 

Look for Additional Extras

With every new model that comes out, there seems to be a new piece of technology that creates excitement and drives its sales above competitors. These technologies include Bluetooth connectivity and skill-based modes that help you ride to your level.  

Money Matters

On the lower end of the spectrum, a more affordable hoverboard will set you back around $150. Moving upwards, models can be found between $600 and $700. As with most things though, you generally get what you pay for. More features and better materials = more hard  earned $ to part with.

Ultimately, only you know what the best hoverboard is to suit your needs and circumstances. We hope we have provided some knowledge that will help you to purchase the perfect hoverboard for you! Check out our new online store now to discover the right model for you.

"Splashing out for additional extras might just make your riding experience out of this world.”

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