Electric Scooter Australia Laws

Electric Scooter Australian Laws

We have to remember that even though Electric Scooters are fun, we must abide by the Electric Scooter Australian Laws.  Australia, the same as many other countries, has laws around the use of electric scooters and riding them on Australian roads.  The Electric Scooter Australian Laws govern processes such as registration, road rules, licensing and in-service requirements for motorised scooters.  Here’s a brief insight into the laws for Australian riders who want to take up electric scooter riding, or those who already have and need a refresher.

Who Governs and Enforces the Electric Scooter Australian Laws?

In Australia, your State or Territory Transport Department will have the relevant laws and information required for electric scooting.  As an example, click here to see what is required in Queensland.  Australia’s Motor Vehicles Standard Act 1989 is the federal legislation that governs the importation and supply of ‘road vehicles’ to our market. That said  a ‘road vehicle’ refers to any vehicle we use on our public roads, or on any road in assigned areas.  Once the vehicle gets to the road for use, the State and Territory takes over the legislation. All of Australia’s States and Territories agree to a shared set of requirements, even though there are a couple of regional variations to the electric scooter Australia laws.

Why the Laws are Important to Riders

All riders need to follow the Electric Scooter Australian Laws to keep safe when enjoying their amazing scooting experience, to avoid fines, penalties and ensure the safety of others.

What is the Allowed Power and Speed Limit of Electric Scooters?

In Australia, the electric scooter laws state that it is considered unlawful to ride an electric scooter on roads, or on road assigned areas, with an engine cylinder capacity that exceeds 50cc and at a speed exceeding 50 km/h.

Do you have to Wear Safety Equipment?

Yep, you need to wear an approved helmet when riding an electric scooter – just as you do when riding a bike.  Electric scooters are subject to similar in-service requirements as passenger vehicles which means that riders are required to wear protective gear. Also, if you want to head out at night on your  motorised scooter, you must ensure that it has reflectors and functioning lights.

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Do you Need a License and Insurance?

In some Australian States and Territories, such as SA, QLD, NT & WA, you only need to have a driver’s license to ride an electric scooter which means there’s no need for a motor bike license.  However, in other Australian States and Territories like NSW, ACT, TAS & VIC, you can only ride an electric scooter after undergoing training and when the motorised scooter passes the appropriate motorcycle test.  For more details on electric scooter insurance, contact your electric scooter dealer.

Other Requirements

Compliance to Australian Design Rules (ADR)

Motorised scooters are required to adhere to a couple of ADR’s, such as noise, lighting, braking and emissions. Click the link and scroll down to Motorised scooters to find out more: https://infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles/imports/import_options/orneao.aspx

A couple more things to avoid:


Well, this is obviously a big no-no!  Everyone is knows that you can not drink and drive, it’s the same as scooting.  

Mobile phones

In Queensland, you can be hit with a minimum fine of about $AUD130 for using your mobile phone when on a motorised scooter.  This is a definite if you get caught drinking and escooting.



Please be advised that all of the above information serves as a guide to the electric scooter Australian laws. There’s no guarantee that the information is completely accurate, or up-to-date, because it is subject to alterations pending Australia’s legislation.  You must do your own research before you head out on your electric scooter.