About Us

Hi, my name is Sam Anderson and I’m passionate about electric scooters.  This website is about sharing the love…

I have always loved riding, whether it was a bike or a scooter. I love the freedom of being outdoors and going wherever I want to go. My parents bought me a scooter one Christmas. Looking back now, knowing what I now know about scooters, if was a department store job, not well made and powered by my feet! But it was pink and sparkly and totally perfect; I’ve been hooked ever since.

 These days, I prefer the electric kind…still plenty of exercise but a quicker way to get to where I want to go. I know I’m not alone in my passion; there are plenty of people just like me who are simply addicted to the wind whooshing through their hair as they head out for a ride to meet up with friends, or head to the skate park to practice tricks (or watch other amazing tricksters).

The electric scooter is the best thing I’ve experienced in scooting to date. It is the most efficient way to travel, allowing me to scoot faster and further than I ever have, with room to carry all my things.  I’m also passionate about reducing my carbon footprint, so with my electric scooter, I am having fun without the guilt of damaging the environment.  I’ve tried just about every kind of scooter there is available to ride so I hope you’ll find my reviews and opinions useful.

You won’t regret an electric scooter purchase! For getting around or just straight out fun, you just can’t beat it!