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Electric Foldable Scooters are a Fresh Breath of Convenience

Whether you’re from coast or country, I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen someone zipping around on one of the many electric foldable scooters available today. It’s not all that long ago that scooters were exclusively considered a toy for children. Around my neighbourhood it was not even close to cool to ride a scooter. If you weren’t on a skateboard, you may as well have been invisible. My how times have changed! So, how’d we end up here? What happened? And why are electric foldable scooters so freakin’ popular?

So Many Amazing Features Packed into One Scooter!

These scooters are full of surprises and you’d be wise to not let their placid, carefree looks deceive you. These compact little packages can come equipped with some pretty serious grunt. What is impressive though is that this power doesn’t leave a damaging imprint on the environment. Totally green and clean! Most models are powered by electric motors or batteries which means fewer nasty emissions released into the atmosphere.

Not only do they make things convenient, but electric foldable scooters come in at a very reasonable price point. With increased popularity, production costs are able to be lowered as companies become more efficient. This means more options to suit your personal needs!

What Are Foldable Electric Scooters?

Foldable electric scooters are lightweight vehicles that have the aesthetic appeal of vintage kick scooters whilst also having the modern innovation of an electric motor and features. The foldable feature does not come on all e-scooters so be sure to double check before you buy that it’s packing the right features for you.

The biggest appeal of having an electric scooter is that it does all the work for you. Think of the Lime or Bird Scooters you see scattered throughout the CBD – exactly like that! Utilise the motor’s power to propel you through city streets and suburban roads. If you do run out of power, some models allow a manual mode so you’re not left in a jam.

There are several parts and features of an electric scooter which make them superior to other transit options. They come with sizeable and comfortable decks, high quality wheels and overhauled braking systems. They are also easily chargeable and simple to pack away.

How Do Electric Scooters Fold?

Each model will be different in how they enable the folding function so be sure to check out how each scooter will feel and make yourself familiar with its mechanism. If you get stuck on how to fold it, YouTube and other online tutorials will definitely have you covered!  

Do All Electric Scooters Have the Fold Function?

Each electric scooter will be specifically designed to suit individual needs. If a model doesn’t fold, it’s likely because the manufacturer is aiming for more durability rather than convenience and comfortability. If you’re looking for an option for rougher terrains and more strenuous riding, you might like to check out a model specifically designed for that purpose – there’s plenty out there.  


It will also depend on who they are marketed for. If they’re aimed towards adults, they’re more likely to be foldable to suit the needs of storage and convenience. However, kids just want to have fun! They don’t have the time to fold and unfold their boards before they ride, they just want to race out there and start kickflipping.

Can You Damage Electric Foldable Scooters?

You should be careful not to misuse your scooter by riding it where it’s not designed to go or by folding it up incorrectly.  Unlike your average Razor scooter, these items are not designed as toys so they need to be treated with the same care as you would any other piece of technology in your life.

How Small Can You Compact an Electric Scooter?

Some people wish for a scooter that fits in their backpack or even their back pocket! Unfortunately, the technology is not there yet. Most scooters weigh between 10-15kg and fold down to the size of their board. One Japanese company attempted to make Transformer inspired electric foldable scooters which could be slotted into a backpack. Unfortunately, this great idea remains just that. You just never know though what the future might bring!

We’ve got a huge range of electric foldable scooters ready and waiting for you to discover. Check out our new shop now!

“Being foldable makes them super easy to take onto public transport or stash away next to your desk at work”.

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