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Buying an Electric Scooter? Australia Is Hooked!

When it comes to your electric scooter, Australia has a vast range of riding conditions. Elements such as the weather and road surface make it important to consider your scooters’ purpose before you part with your hard earned.

If you’re thinking of buying yourself an electric scooter, well done! You are joining millions of people worldwide who recognise the need for eco-friendly transportation that doesn’t break the bank and looks pretty cool too. Before you buy from our brand-new store, there will be a few things to consider.

Straight up, it’s always a good idea to focus on the quality. Quality is what’s going to save you money in the long run and ensure you gain maximum enjoyment from your scooter.

Ask any cyclist or scooter rider around and they’ll tell you that Australia is notorious for its inconsistent, unpredictable terrain. From built up city streets to the quieter pockets in the suburbs, the road surfaces and pathway layouts can make it difficult to ride if you aren’t properly prepared.

For us, there are three major factors you want to consider when buying an electric scooter in Australia: wheel size, tyre construction and suspension.

The Right Wheel Size for your Electric Scooter in Australia

Making sure that your scooter is equipped with the appropriate gear to keep it going is essential. If your wheels are any smaller than 8 inches, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment when it comes to general riding and repairs. If you’re planning to travel long distances or over inconsistent surfaces, you may want to look for something bigger.

The Best Wheel Construction for your Electric Scooter in Australia

As a general rule, tyres filled with air will usually offer a smoother ride compared to solid tyres. However, choosing a model which uses a puncture-proof filling can help take care of wear and tear whilst you’re going about your day. 

It can sometimes be difficult to know which tyres are fitted as some manufacturers will keep the specs well hidden. At our new online store, you’ll have all the info and details you need to take the guess work out of your purchase.

Amazing Suspension Options for an Electric Scooter in Australia

 There are so many amazing suspension options available at our store which can make this one a difficult decision. What you want to look for is an intelligent design which utilises dependable and innovative technology that doesn’t take away from overall performance. The size of your suspension doesn’t necessarily matter as much as shock absorption and its ability to handle rough terrain. 

Other Factors and Components which Make a Difference

Whilst those three elements are essential, there are some other factors which can make a real difference to the custom feel of your scooter. The coolest thing about it is that it’s totally up to you!

The power output is something you’ll want to briefly look over. Most scooters these days are equipped with a decent motor that can power you to the speed you need to go. Make sure you are aware of your local laws before you ride at top speed though.

Each state is different in its laws surrounding the riding of electric scooters. Most stipulate that your electric scooter should have a minimum speed to match a road bike. This will allow you to be considerate of other pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

With the ability for speed comes a need to consider your braking mechanism. ABS braking is the industry standard when it comes to braking and is highly recommended to look for in your scooter.

In saying that, braking mechanisms are pretty good no matter what model you choose. If you can’t fork out for specialised braking systems, the more affordable set-ups will still be more than adequate. However, if you’re looking for that premium feel, paying a little extra for sensitive brakes might be an option for you.

Then there’s your scooters’ range. If you’re just running about in the city centre, range won’t be such an issue. However, if you’re travelling in the suburbs, it may take longer to reach your destination so a little bit of extra range would be a wise decision.

Hopefully you have everything you need now to visit our new online store and buy the perfect electric scooter! Australia can be tough, but we have the range to make sure you enjoy every second of every ride.

“Quality saves you money in the long run and makes sure you’re not left out to dry should your scooter fail.”

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