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An Electric Longboard to Help Live Your Best Life

We’ve been stoked to see such a jump in popularity for electric ride options such as the electric longboard. They are super affordable, amazing fun and, importantly, environmentally friendly. Longboards strike the perfect balance between both comfort and complexity. They are extremely easy to learn how to use and with so many models to choose from, you can be guaranteed to find one that meets all your needs.

Is an Electric Longboard Easy to Ride?

100%! Longboards offer a larger and more flexible deck allowing an ease of balance and control of movement, whereas smaller boards often require more skill and experience. This makes a longboard perfect for someone just starting out or who wants superior comfort while riding. The flexible decks promote better handling and more shock absorption for when you ride over rough terrain like gravel roads or beach boardwalks.

How Much Does an Electric Longboard Cost?

It’s hard to say for sure as each model will come in at a different price point depending on the quality of materials, the specifications and whether or not it’s a specialised design. Many popular models start at around $400 and can head upwards of $3000. You can also customise your gear to suit your needs which might cost a little extra. The great thing is that it’s all really flexible so you can be sure you’re getting everything you need without wasting money on unnecessary or unwanted features.

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Can You Ride an Electric Longboard Like a Normal One?

The awesome versatility of electric versions of skateboards means you’ll never be stuck carrying your board home. If your battery runs dry, simply jump on like a normal board and off you go. Longboards, in particular, are designed to glide effortlessly to gain some real distance with minimal effort.

Where’s a Good Place to Practice my Electric Longboard Skills?

A classic newbies question, so don’t worry – you’re not alone! We’ve found when you’re just starting out that a wide-open space like an empty parking lot is great. You’ll want to find somewhere that’s away from traffic and pedestrians and that’s also reasonably flat. You could even practice in your driveway or if your street is usually pretty quiet, try right outside your home!

Stance will Keep You Standing and Stable

When first learning to ride your board, you really want to nail your footing. There are two different stances depending on which foot you feel most confident being at the front.  

First you have regular stance (left foot forward, right foot back) and then there’s goofy (right foot forward, left foot back). There’s no stance that’s better than the other, it’s all about what feels right for you. More experienced riders will often be just as skilled with both styles. To begin with though, establish which is most comfortable for you. 


Once you have that down, it’s time to step onto the deck. You’re going to step with your front foot first so that it’s perpendicular to the board and then follow with your back foot. It may take a few times to get used to and you’ll probably fall off. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the process. 

Slowly build your confidence by shifting your weight gently across the board and get used to the feeling. When you think you’re ready to ride, twist your front foot so that it’s at a 45-degree angle and slowly push off with the remote.

This is No Regular Remote

The remote controls everything you do but the direction you want to go. It is the key to how fast you travel and how hard you brake. It might take a while to get the hang of, so it’s important to start gently and work your way up.
Braking can prove to be particularly challenging as braking too abruptly will cause you to fly right off the board. Just think about the way you drive. If you’re travelling at a high speed, you would never slam on the brakes unless you were in an emergency. Not a great idea! All the same principles apply here.

Now that you’ve entered the world of longboards, you have everything you need to get out there and get started. Head to our new online store to pick the electric longboard that’s right for you and start practicing today!

“Longboards offer a larger and more flexible deck meaning it’s easier to balance and control your movement.”

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