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Riding an Electric Skateboard Perth Locals Love

Riding an electric skateboard in Perth has arrived onto the scene as a popular way to enjoy fast and convenient travel. Gone are the days of lugging your board up hills just to ride back down and start again. Now you are able to use the electric motor to climb hills with ease and enjoy the run down even quicker.
With such a boost in popularity, manufacturers have been quick to provide a great range of models to choose from. If you know exactly what you’re chasing then head to our new online store and check it out now! If you’re having a bit more trouble deciding which one is perfect for you, we’ve got everything you need to help choose an electric skateboard Perth locals will be admiring from close and afar.

Buy a Firsthand Electric Skateboard in Perth, Not Second-hand!

You might be tempted to try your luck sourcing a second-hand skateboard from a local on Marketplace or Gumtree. Buyer beware though! Second-hand products can come with all kinds of unknown risks and faulty mechanisms. You never really know why someone is selling their product and you might be compromising more than you should.
When you purchase firsthand from our store, you are also buying a warranty and total peace of mind. That’s much better than your options when it comes to buying second-hand! When you buy from us, you also have someone to contact should you encounter any issues with your purchase, not some random guy called Mark with a cat as his profile picture.

Technology is Only Getting Better with Every New Model.

We don’t need to tell you that we live in a fast-paced, constantly evolving world where the latest smartphone becomes superseded in a matter of months. When it comes to an electric skateboard, Perth can expect similar things in terms of the technology upgrades.

What this means for you is that when buying a skateboard, look for those with the technologies at the very front end of development. These can include components such as leading-edge braking and suspension systems, foldable technology for easy storage and easily customisable parts like your wheels and deck. This last option will allow you to potentially update your model yourself without having to necessarily buy another totally new board!

Ask the Right Questions when Buying an Electric Skateboard in Perth

Before you land on the exact model you want to buy, it’s important to ask the right questions to make sure it’s the right fit for you. 

Buy Affordable or Fork Out for Premium Quality?

I feel this is the question that is inevitably asked when buying this product. Do I save money in the short-term and potentially miss out on a superior riding experience or… do I sacrifice now to enjoy a longer-lasting, more premium ride? Whilst we can’t make the decision for you, let us lay down some common challenges and benefits people experience going down both roads.

If you buy cheap, often the materials will be of a lesser quality than ones made in Australia. Labour can be much cheaper overseas, so companies will often have their products constructed there. Whilst you can still buy a quality product, there likely won’t be a service centre to call for help if you encounter any problems. Additionally, they tend to use cheaper woods and plastics which, when shipped over to Perth, struggle to survive the harsh Australian conditions.

If you fork out for premium, you will offload more money initially but you will receive personalised service along with a higher quality of material.

You do also have to consider your needs though. Are you an amateur rider looking for something easy to learn and ride around on? Maybe going affordable is right for you. Are you going to be riding to work, day in day out and need something more dependable? Then maybe going premium will save you in the long term and be the better option. Drop by our new online shop today to check out some options and discover the best electric skateboard Perth has to offer.

“When buying a skateboard, look for those with the technologies which are at the very front end of development which aren’t likely to need redevelopment over the next couple of years.”

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