Micro Electric Scooters Australia

Micro Scooters Australia was born from a thought bubble after visiting London and seeing a community of Urban transport being led by Scooters, which are now a leading Scooter distributor in Australia.



Raine Scooters are Australia owned and designed scooters for Adults, primarily concentrating on premium products for all Australians.



Bike Scooter City Australia

Bike Scooter City is a reseller/distributor that predominantly sell through online stores, and two Store locations in Brisbane.

Razor Electric Scooters Australia

Razor Scooters Australia predominately sell kids electric scooters online. They are popular brand due to their Electric scooter range for children and their price range.



The main focus of Eco Scooters is on clean and practical eco friendly urban transportation solutions. Entrepreneur Oliver FreemanIt  Eco Scooters in Australia in 2016.  Eco Scooters specialises on importing the kick series scooters from the brand “Inokim”. Like most urban scooters eco scooters loves the idea of Escooters being far more practical than electric bikes in larger cities and anyone working in an office. They are small compact and easy to store. .

Freestyle distribution Australia

Freestyle Distribution started its humble beginnings in 2008 and since then has developed into one of the largest distributors of e-scooters in the world.

They have committed themselves to providing great quality eScooters and the best level of service that can be achieved.

Eco Rides Australia

Eco rides pride themselves on being Australian owned, which means when it comes time to pick up your new e-scooter, you know you are getting quality, and in the unlikely event you need some help you can pick up the phone, you can speak to somebody in Australia.

Our Number 1 priority is to bring the highest quality e-scooter and electric skateboards to our Australian customers.

Scooter Hut Australia

Scooter hut has a dedicated team of customer service representatives and scooter techs to help you find the right scooter for you.

So if you are asking about new Escooters, part and accessories we will have a product and information about the product to satisfy your enquiry.