Adults Electric Scooter 

College friends touring the city on electric scooters - My Electric ScooterElectric scooters began as a kid’s toy back in the early 2000s, but after an initial spike in sales the original kid-friendly electric scooter didn’t last very long. Sales levelled out as the years went by, eventually making the idea of electric scooters a passing fad. However, in the mid 2010s the electric scooter enjoyed a resurgence, emerging as a viable transport and recreation option for people of all ages. Sadly though, first impressions were hard to shake, with some people still considering electric scooters as a kids toy.

Electric scooters though, are anything but, with attractive designs, features and price tags, electric scooters for adults are catching on and, unlike their predecessors, they’re here to stay. So come and dive into the world of the best E-scooters and see which electric scooters for adults best suit your needs! 

Electric scooters are perfect for city commuting or off road scooting 

 What An Adult Electric Scooter Brings to the Table 

Off Road Capabilities 

A big draw card that comes with some adult E-scooters is the ability to take it off-roading. While not every scooter is made for off-roading, there is a large portion of E-scooters that are specifically designed to be used on a variety of terrains. If you’re looking for a fun outdoor adventure, then an off road capable scooter is for you! 

Long Range Capabilities 

Couple riding electric scooters at the countryside road - My Electric ScooterAdult electric scooter bring long range capabilities to the table, with different scooters boasting different ranges per charge. A low range scooter would be able to go about 12km on a charge, whilst the max range for an electric scooter for adults can reach up to 180km, opening up a whole new range of transport possibilities. 

Commuter E-Scooter Use 

When it comes to transport possibilities, an adults electric scooter opens up a whole new set of options around the morning commute. Whether you need something to take you from the train station to your office, or your office all the way home, an adult electric scooter has you covered. 

Smooth Riding Experience 

Unlike their smaller counterparts, full size adult E-scooters can boast a much smoother riding experience due to a variety of innovations in their design. Disc brakes for example, allow for smoother and steadier breaking at high speeds, whilst individual wheel suspension allows for a much smoother and safer ride quality.

Pneumatic or Tubeless Tyres

Pneumatic tyres have traditionally been fitted to electric scooters, however recent innovations have brought tubeless tyres into market in models such as the S Pro Electric Scooter and Mearth GTS Max. Regardless of the tyre type you select, all adult electric scooters have the option to change tyres when needed, leading to a much longer lifespan for the vehicle. 

Handsome man poses for a photo with his electric scooter - My Electric ScooterTop Speed and Maximum Range 

With the larger sizes of adult electric scooters comes improved battery life and quality, leading to superior top speeds and maximum ranges to their child sized predecessors. Top speeds vary greatly from model to model, with some scooters featuring uncapped speed limits, and others being throttled at anything the manufactures deems unsafe. However, maximum ranges are always something a scooter designer is looking to boost, so it is advisable to shop around for the best deal with this factor in mind when looking for your E-scooter. 

Safety Features 

An adult E-scooter also boast a wide variety of safety features which can satisfy even the most safety conscious rider. From dual breaking systems to a speed limit system, safety lighting and indicators, electric scooter producers offer different options to maximise your safety, so it’s best to shop around and choose the scooter which best suits you and your safety needs. 

A wide variety of electric scooters means  you can chose the adult E-scooter that is perfect for all your needs 

Where To Start When Shopping For Electric Scooters For Adults 

 Finding the best electric scooters for adults is a difficult task because there are simply so many options! Don’t stress though, because the wide variety of options means that you can chose the adult E-scooter that is perfect for all your needs. Below is a list of good starting points… as you can see, you’re spoiled for choice! 

Kaabo Wolf King 11 GT Man locking his electric scooter on a stairs railing - My Electric Scooter

If you’re looking for an action packed, adrenaline heavy place to jump onto an electric scooter, the Kaabo Wolf King 11 GT is the scooter for you. The key to the Wolf King’s success is the dual 2000 watt motors that the scooter utilises to deliver its rider with the perfect combination of speed and power.

 The Wolf King 11 GT is also one of the longest running scooters, with a range of up to 180km on a single charge thanks to its extremely large 72 volt 25 Ah batteries. That’s not all though, as the scooter has been designed to take on any terrain you can throw at it. So if you’re looking for a tough, fast, and long lasting electric scooter, then the Kaabo Wolf King 11 GT would be a good place to start. 

Dualtron Thunder 2 

 If your heart is set on off-roading then the Dualtron Thunder 2 might be the electric scooter for you. The scooter boasts a climb rating of 70%, more than enough climbing power to tackle the toughest terrain. This power comes from its dual hub motor, which can generate a maximum of 10,080 watts of power, an amount that is almost impossible for any other motor of its size to match. 

 To balance all that power, the scooter comes with an extremely reliable and strong braking system, that can handle high speed braking with ease. The Thunder 2 does this thanks to its huge 160mm disc brake hydraulic system, which is also reinforced by an optional ABS system to stop the vehicle from skidding. 

Couple riding black electric scooters in the city - My Electric ScooterKugoo G2 Pro 

 The idea that an E-scooter is about more than just about speed, power and off road ability, is proven by the Kugoo G2 Pro. This is an E-scooter that is focused on safety above all else. Equipped with a range of various safety lighting elements, the Kugoo G2 Pro ensures that it will always be easy to spot even in the darkest of environments. 

 The electric scooter also delivers impressive performance. With its 250 watt motor, the electric scooter can reach speeds of 50km/h, more than enough for any thrill seeking rider. To back up the speed, the G2 Pro boasts dual disc brakes and electric brakes that keep the rider safe at the press of a button. 

Electric scooters have a positive impact on the environment 

Mercane Jubel

For some, the main reason for making a switch to an electric scooter isn’t the speed, ease of use or off road capabilities, but instead the positive impact they can have on the environment. For these scooter riders, the prime choice is the Mercane Jubel, arguably the most eco-friendly electric scooter on the market. 

The Jubel is designed with the environment in mind, boasting numerous environment friendly features like the eco mode, which puts the vehicle in an energy efficient configuration. This not only saves its battery power, but also saves the planet! When this mode is selected, the Jubel is capable of travelling 50-60 km on a charge. While this range may not sound overwhelmingly far, it’s important to keep in mind that the Mercian Jubel is able to travel this distance on its eco-friendly 48 volt 15Ah  battery, which is pretty impressive.  

Stylish woman riding electric scooter - My Electric ScooterDualtron X2 Up 

The Dualtron X2 is the scooter for the commuter. Dualtron has designed their x2 model with performance at the forefront, most notably by maximising the distance it can travel on a charge. 

Similar to the Jubel, the Dualtron X2 utilises an eco mode which gives the scooter a max range of 140km on a charge, an impressive feat which competes with the distances electric motor bikes are known to reach. This extremely large range can be attributed to the scooter’s 72 volt 45Ah battery, which is incredibly large when considering electric scooters for adults. What is equally as impressive is that it only takes 8 hours to charge. 

Segway Ninebot Max G30L 

The one caveat with all the previously mentioned scooters is that, despite all their specialisation and impressive features, none of them specialised in keeping their price tags low. As such, the Ninebot Max G30L, has decided to pick up the slack and offer a high quality electric scooter riding experience at a lower price. 

The scooter offers a rarely seen dual braking system, which employs regenerative braking to charge the battery while you ride, extending the scooter’s battery life. Whilst it might not reach the heights of the other scooters on this list, the Ninebot Max G30L has more than enough power, speed, and added extras to be the perfect transport option for you, at a fraction of the price of its competitors.