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Electric Scooters – Hours of fun for the whole family!

Electric Scooter for Adults Australia

If you’re looking for convenience and a quick, cheap, stress-free, daily commute, then look no further than electric scooters for adults.  They are easy to charge, cost very little to run, and, with foldable electric scooters, you will find them easy to store at work, at home – in fact, no matter where you are scooting to or from.

Electric scooter for kids

Bored kids on school holidays? Can’t get them off their devices? Electric Scooters for kids are a great way to get out and about in the real world, getting exercise and some fresh air. Most of all, kids love them and together with the range of electric scooters for adults, there’s hours of fun for the whole family.


Electric Scooter Australian Laws

There’s no doubt that electric scooters are a whole lot of fun.  Very importantly though, they are also electric vehicles using city infrastructure.  As such, electric scooters are governed by laws, just like cars and bicycles. Find out what laws your state or territory has regarding the use of electric scooters

What are Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters are basically sturdy scooters with battery-powered engines. Originally, electric scooters were operated by petrol engines. They were noisy and smelly…not a particularly pleasant ride. Today, motorised scooter are remarkably energy efficient and nowhere near as noisy, with the added bonus of being much cleaner for the environment. 

Many population heavy countries, particularly in Asia have embraced motorised scooters as a legitimate form of transport. They view them as a more enhanced model of the bicycle, rather than prevailing Western attitude of the e-scooter being an inferior model of motorbike. Motorised scooters for adults are affordable and more often than not, you don’t need a licence to ride one. You should check our information about Australian Scooter Laws to see if this applies in your state or territory.

Electric scooters are gaining traction in Australia because commuters are seeking a cheap, clean and fast alternative to the peak hour traffic jams and crowded public transport system. The fact that e-scooters are affordable for just about everyone means that there is really no excuse for anyone to be without some form of motorised transport for traversing Australian CBDs.  

Recent design improvements to materials and overall construction of electric scooters have enthusiasts raving about the future of the electric scooter. Scooter Clubs are popping up all over social media and sites like Amazon can barely keep up with the demand. Make no mistake, e-scooters are here to stay. The question is, will you be on the deck or watching from the side?  

Let’s check out a few great electric scooters to get you excited and ready to start your scooting adventures!!!


Best Electric Folding Scooter

Glion Dolly

In today’s market, manufacturers are striving to deliver “bang for buck”. For busy commuters looking for a transport solution that keeps them out of peak hour traffic, this means producing a light, robust and powerful e-scooter that meets the increasing price demands of the consumer market. On all these points, the Glion Dolly definitely delivers.

At a gross weight of just 13kg with a maximum rider weight of 115kg, the Glion Dolly is ultra-portable and one of the best motorised scooters for adults. Its lightweight features are largely due to a strong aluminium frame and airless tyres, which mean you’ll never be calling roadside assist for a flat! It folds easily onto itself to a compact size and features a patented handle design for you to wheel the e-scooter behind you like a piece of conventional luggage. It even comes with a roller bag so it actually looks like luggage too!

Charging the 250-watt motor is as hassle free as charging your phone. Simply plug the Glion Dolly in to the closest power point for about 3 ½ hours. You’ll get approx. 24km distance out of one charge. If your commute is longer than that, just slide your folded e-scooter under your desk or stand it in a corner and let it charge up while you work. When you’re finished, unfold your electric scooter, kick it into life and enjoy the hassle free ride back home again.

In terms of bang for buck, the Glion Dolly starts at around the $650 mark…less than a year’s worth of sitting in a city bus watching every other motorised vehicle on the road pass you by!

Commissions earned

Commissions earned

EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

If you have a commute of more than 16kms for the day, and you don’t plan on spending at least 12 hours charging this beauty at work, then this motorised scooter might not be for you. Remember the Razor escooter? Kids used to ride them in the streets and you’d hear a high-pitched whir as they whizzed past at a cracking 18km/h! Well, the Ecosmart e-scooter is a much improved adult version of the 1st generation Razor with some significantly improved, practical features. This new version was released in 2017 and more recent price cuts have brought its current price down to about $399.  With a 500-watt motor it can reach top speeds of about 29km/h. Its bamboo deck, removable luggage carrier and very convenient adjustable seat, give it both style and simplicity at the same time.

The Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter has a maximum distance of about 16kms per unit charge, without the flexibility of a quick recharge time, as in the Glion Dolly.

Nonetheless, at this price point, if you’re already living inner city and don’t need your escooter to travel long distances, then the Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter delivers a good quality, comfortable ride, at a competitive price, making it hard to beat as a get-about-town electric scooter.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Folding Electric Scooter International Version with 2 Spare Tyres

The Xiaomi Mi M365 Folding Electric Scooter is literally as simple as it gets: Its manufacturers have crafted it with simplicity at its core.  Everything about this great electric scooter from its frame and components all the way to its accessories has the user in mind, with a single button kickstart, curved pedal board and simple folding levers.

It has 3 easy to fold steps: Flip, Fold, Clip: It’s a simple matter of flipping down the folding lever, and there’s with a latch on the rear wheel for the scooter bell. Perfectly compact and secure, and great for easy storing of the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter at home, at work or in your car.

Using an Aerospace-grade Aluminum Frame for this electric scooter means it’s  only 12.5KG in weight.  It also means its that it has a sturdy frame with a low density and great structural strength.  For increased durability, it has great thermal conductivity and is resistant to corrosion.

On top of all that, this amazing escooter has a 30KM Long-range Battery with Smart Power Management.  The high-capacity lithium batteries provide a ride of up to 30KM on just a single charge. You can see the battery pack’s display via the app and can be notified if there’s any problems.

Commissions earned

 Last, but not least, the Mi Electric Scooter’s cruise control feature has its own algorithm which receives signals from speed sensors which provides a smooth and stable cruise control experience. As well as making your electric scooter ride a great experience, this feature helps to optimize battery life for longer riders as well.

Mi Electric Scooter, at just 12.5 KG, is lightweight and super portable making it the perfect electric scooter for adults.

Electric Scooters : The Future of Urban Transport?

We all can agree that cars clog up crowded, urban areas.  Most urban planners are looking to provide better solutions for commuters taking short trips. Currently, their interests have turned to ride-sharing services and road changes to include bike lanes. Not surprisingly, e-scooters are part of this revolution.

One of this year’s biggest trends in technology is the rise in popularity of Lime, Bird, Spin, Skip, and Scoop.  These are all start-ups from the U.S that offer scooter-rental services allowing riders to find and unlock electric scooters through an app on their phones. Capital cities around Australia have followed suit, allowing some of these companies, including an Australian company called Beam, to operate in the CBDs.

With a ride on electric scooter costing as little as $3, it’s not surprising that since November 2018, over 1million rides on Lime escooters have been taken in the Brisbane CBD in Queensland. Barring a few minor issues, the escooter trial has been hugely successful, offering adults the opportunity to ride motorized scooters at their convenience, without having to own or maintain their own. This is particularly efficient for the thousands of tourists who flock to Queensland locations every year.

As cities become crowded and climate change persists, urban planners have had to think outside the box in order to meet the transport demands of the people. While not everyone loves electric scooters (in the same way that not all drivers love bicycles on the road), electric scooters, along with electric bikes with their low cost, low impact and small urban footprint, are proving to be the way of the future.

Do I need a licence or scooter registration?

Local governments and councils have laws relating to the use of electric scooters.  It is best to contact your local government or council to ensure you are following any laws and are safe while doing so. You can find out about relevant Australian Laws governing electric scooters here.

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