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Off Road Electric Skateboards

Are you the type of person excited by the prospect of racing through rainforests or cruising down mountains? If so, you need to get your hands on one of our off road electric skateboards. That particular kind of freedom you feel when riding with the wind in your hair is unique and tough to replicate. Off road skateboarding is also a great active hobby that puts the body to work through movement and balance.

The true skaters’ off road electric skateboard is fitted with sturdy frames and larger wheels and performs consistently at a high level. These models are also perfectly set up and capable of conquering the volatile riding conditions most experience in Australia.

Dry ground and changing weather conditions can make it a pretty tough gig sometimes. There’s nothing more frustrating than heading out for a ride without the right gear to get the job done. That’s why it’s paramount to be aware of exactly what you need in your off road electric skateboard before you purchase it. These helpful tips will make sure you ride free of regret.

How Do I Know Which Off Road Electric Skateboards are Best for Me?

If you aren’t an experienced rider, you might find it difficult to figure out exactly what you need. We like to use the three essentials rule to help you piece together the perfect board for you. Those three essentials being: tyre construction, wheel size and power. Everything else is an added bonus! 

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Tyre Construction and Wheel Size

When locking in the type of off road electric skateboard you want, wheel size and tyre construction will be your most important consideration. Choosing the correct wheel will protect you from wear and tear and save you money in the long term. They can absorb the shock of riding, making for a more pleasant experience and assist in the prevention of injuries. They also offer you stability, making you feel comfortable and confident when you ride. Beginner level or absolute expert, it doesn’t matter – wheel size makes all the difference.

Another aspect of the tyre that is important to note is the filling. Some tyres are filled with self-repairing liquid which actively fights against punctures while you ride. Your other option is pretty much plain old air which aims for a more comfortable, cushioned ride experience.

When selecting your tyres, making the right choice of material is essential. To help make the right decision, you need to have a think about where you will be riding your board. Are you mainly using it to travel to and from work and carry out daily jobs? If so, you might like some relatively smaller wheels that offer comfort over rigidity. But if you know you’re definitely going to be pushing the limits, you’ll want a set of quality all terrain tyres. These will set you back just that little bit more but are essential for taking it to the next level of off-road riding.

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Consider the Weight and Dimensions

It will depend on factors such as adult or adolescent, heavier or lighter, frequent or infrequent user to determine the weight and dimensions you need for your board. You need to ensure that the maximum weight the board can bare is appropriate for your needs. Some boards cap their recommended weight at 100kg so if you’re carrying a heavy backpack or are a heavyset person, you’ll want to consider having a look at the specs. Rest assured though there are plenty of options available out there. All you need to do is head to our new online website and check out the range for yourself!

Power Capacity and Speed Capability

The last element you need to understand is the power output. Can the motor handle what you’re asking of it? This is crucial to consider or else you’ll find yourself lugging a skateboard up a hill or across uneven ground. I’m sure nobody wants that! But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility! Make sure your skill level can match the control needed for the amount of power you’re running with.

With all this in mind, you’re ready to go out and find the perfect board for you! Simply visit our site, have a look at the options and before you know it, you’ll be out enjoying your brand new off road electric skateboard.

“When locking in the type of off road electric skateboard you want, wheel size and tyre construction will be your most important consideration.”

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