Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboarding is exploding in popularity all over the world. From tradies to accountants, all kinds of folk are jumping on skateboards to optimise their enjoyment and re-live their childhood days. 

Electric skateboards come with a number of benefits to help make skateboarding both more fun and efficient, making it easy to see why people are lining up to buy one. Consumers who are considering an electric skateboard should first decide exactly what they want out of their board. Do they want one of the top electric skateboards with shock-absorbing grip tape? Or do they want one of the best electric skateboards for a price that best fits their budget?

“Electric skateboards come with a number of benefits to help make skateboarding both more fun and efficient!”

Commonly Asked Questions About Electric Skateboards

Cropped image of a person riding an Electric Skateboard on a road - My Electric ScooterHow Much Fun are Electric Skateboards? 

Electric skateboards are a great deal of fun to ride. Most electric boards can move far quicker than traditional skateboards and longboards. Some boards even exceed 30 mph when they hit top speed! 

A combination of high speeds and increased control makes the electric skateboard loads of fun. Users might also consider an off-road electric skateboard to maximise their enjoyment. Off-road boards can keep users safe and exhilarated as they fly through multiple surface types at top speeds. 

Most electric skateboards can improve the riding experience, especially when compared to simpler longboards. With greater speed and versatility, electric skateboards are always a fun way to get around.

Do Electric Skateboards Help with the Commute?

Electric skateboards can improve the commute of users in several ways. For starters, skateboarding is far better for the environment than cars or public transportation. Very few electric skateboards require fuel to work, and many devices use only environmentally friendly electricity. With more people choosing this mode of transport, our carbon footprint decreases, leading to a cleaner future for everyone.

Commute length and quality are directly related to employee happiness. Imagine gliding through the streets and sidewalks on the way to work, feeling the wind in your hair while preparing for the workday. Sounds pretty fun, right?

Man riding an electric skateboard on a wet road - My Electric ScooterAdvantages of an Electric Skateboard?

Electric boards don’t require a kick push to accelerate, making it far easier to retain balance and control. This becomes especially important as users reach the surprisingly high speeds offered by the top electric boards.

While breaking is possible on traditional skateboards and longboards, complex braking mechanisms on electric boards are seen to be far more effective. This should come as no surprise, considering how quickly some electric boards can reach their top speed.

“Many of the dangers associated with electric boards can be mitigated by following safety protocols”

How Safe are Electric Skateboards? 

Users who want to make the switch to an electric skateboard should be familiar with basic safety procedures necessary to minimise risks. Safety equipment is an absolute must. 

Helmets, knee pads and elbow pads are typically recommended, but users can also keep safe by carefully choosing skateboards that complement their experience level. If you’re a newer E-skater, for example, it’s always recommended that you stick to boards with lower maximum speeds and higher degrees of movement control. 

Electric skateboards might not be right for consumers who value above all else the safety of their transport device. It is important to remember however, that many of the dangers associated with electric boards can be mitigated by following safety protocols. 

Avoiding high traffic areas, obeying traffic laws, and wearing appropriate safety equipment are all ways that you can keep safe while using your new electric board.

How to Find the Best Electric Skateboard for You


The range is influenced by the environment that you are riding on, the skateboard setup and your riding style. For example, street wheels will give you more range than the all-terrain ones. 

The first question that you need to ask yourself when considering buying an electric skateboard is; What is it you’ll be using the board for? Carving/Fun? Thinking about an electric skateboard for commuting to work or school? Cruising around on the weekends? Off-road? All of the above? With that clear in your mind, check if the electric skateboards that are on your radar will have the range to achieve that. Can you get there and back comfortably without worrying about mileage or range anxiety? 

Man carrying a case while riding an electric skateboard on a road during sunset - My Electric ScooterSpare Parts and Support 

How long is the warranty? How often will you have to replace the belt and wheels or other parts and are they easily interchangeable? 

What is customer support like if ever there is an issue? All these aspects are hugely important as your board needs to stay on the road to be enjoyed. It’s also handy to have a local service centre nearby where you can source the replacement parts and things that you will need to keep the board running.


If you are looking for an electric skateboard for commuting, weight is an important thing to consider. Are you going to be able to carry or kick push it home? 

There’s not a lot of vehicles that can take you 50 kms that you can then carry under one arm, take on a bus, a train, and slide under your work desk. Electric skateboards can be heavy, especially when you have boards with super long range. As such it is definitely worth considering weight when choosing which model will be the best electric skateboard for you. 

Dog sits on the skateboard and cruises through park with owner - My Electric ScooterPerformance

You have boards that get you from A to B and then there are the ones that are a pure pleasure to ride. Look into the wheels and trucks and ask the question – how would this board perform without the electrical setup? 

There’s a big difference between an off-the-shelf electric skateboard and a high-quality longboard with a motor.

The wheels and trucks are particularly crucial to the overall ride performance. 

Motor Wattage

The listed power numbers do not tell the whole story – much more is involved in achieving ideal performance. For instance, gear ratios and motor controller parameters will affect torque in a huge way. 

By adjusting gear ratios on a motor, it will affect torque and speed, just the same way a 10-speed racing bike does when you change gears for hills or flat riding. It is vital to have a complete system designed to work smoothly in unison, with proven and verifiable performance. 

Young male traveler riding an electric skateboard on a road near the forest - My Electric ScooterPrice

Do you feel like you’ve received value for money? Remember to compare apples to apples: lithium is more expensive than lead-acid and professionally branded skate parts are more expensive and much better quality than off-the-shelf boards. 

There is a large gap in the electric skateboard market in terms of price and materials used. A general rule of thumb is ‘you get what you pay for’. It’s also a good idea to read electric skateboard reviews and research how long the company has been trading for and how they treat their customers in terms of repairs, returns and maintenance. 

Thumb or Trigger Remote Control

The vast majority of boards come with handheld remotes to control the speed and gearing of the board. However, these remotes can vary widely in control scheme and function, with some using index finger control and some using thumb control. The index finger is the most intuitive way to control and feel anything. Using your thumb does work, however, it will not feel as comfortable as using a trigger control. It’s also the most simple and easy way to feel comfortable controlling your electric skateboard. 

2 Motors vs 1 Motor 

Both can have benefits! Only recently has motor technology evolved enough to allow good performance from two motors – without sacrificing the smooth free-roll which is so important to the feel of a good skateboard. 

Previously, this has only been possible with one purposely designed motor that still offers notably impressive performance. 

In more recent models though, specifically designed censored brushless motors take advantage of the increased grip and performance from two driven wheels, while still offering smooth performance and excellent free-roll. The key again is in the design of the entire system. 

Always be safe before you begin skating and make sure to check local laws and read the owner’s manual. Most importantly though, have a tonne of fun!