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Choosing an electric kids scooter can prove to be tricky, especially when there’s so many options available. We’d like to share with you some of our handiest tips to ensure choosing the right electric kids scooter is made simple and exciting.

Your first consideration should always be the size of your child. This will help you arrive at what size board you should buy. It’s important to keep in mind that the board is the main supportive element of the scooter. You wouldn’t build a house on a foundation that’s too small nor would you fork out extra money on an unnecessarily big one. The same rule applies here. Find the right size board for your child.

Next up, think about the age of your child. This will determine the suitability of the board and decide how complex you want the features to be. For safety, we recommend your child be aged 8+ for riding on an electric kids scooter. If they are younger than this, we always suggest starting off on a non-electric one to gain that initial confidence.

Finally, you’ll want to think about how far your child will be travelling. Are they riding around at home or cruising their way to school? The battery life you want will change depending on how they intend to use it.

Awesome Features No Electric Kids Scooter is Complete Without

Over the last decade or so, developers have been super generous with the features they’ve incorporated into their scooter models. Ranging from GPS support to LED light strips, there is absolutely everything available to make your electric kids scooter stand out as a winner.

Some of our personal favourites are: Bluetooth capability for cranking out the killer tunes, customisable LED lighting on the wheels and board and exciting skin designs to cover the handles, wheels and board. The options really are endless and you can easily make your scooter totally unique through your own style.

Avoid Scrapes with These Electric Kids Scooter Safety Tips!

As parents, it fills us with joy knowing our children are having the time of their lives. It’s also important we know that they’re safe when they are doing it. We’d like to share some safety tips to check out so that your child is riding safely out there. 

A Helmet is More than a Hairnet

A whopping 41% of children reportedly don’t wear a helmet while riding their bike, scooter or skateboard. Whilst it might be an issue of looking ‘lame’ in front of their mates, what’s even more lame is a concussion or serious head or neck injury. If your child is too embarrassed to wear one, have them look at the pro scene at the moment. The top riders always take safety seriously and wear their helmets. There are so many awesome helmets these days that it’s impossible not to look cool in one! 


If you want to take it a step further, kit out your kids with elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards. If they’re likely to ride when it’s a bit darker out, some hi-vis apparel is strongly advised. 


Unfortunately, many production companies will leave out extra accessories such as lights, bells and horns in the name of saving a few dollars. These are often inexpensive and can add an incomparable safety feature to your child’s ride experience. 

Get Out There and Learn to Ride Alongside Them

I remember my first time out riding a skateboard with my mates. We came to a big hill and a few of us more experienced guys were first to brave it. Before long though, my friend who had very little riding experience followed suit. Let’s just say it ended in more than just a few scrapes and bruises.

We’re not saying you should teach your kids to ride down massive hills, but we are saying get out there and ride alongside them while they’re learning. Having a solid foundation for good riding can make their learning curve much more mellow than a street with a mean and unforgiving slope! You can teach them everything from body position, braking and using hand signals. You might even find yourself enjoying the rush again!

So, whilst deciding on the best electric kids scooter can be a bit of a process, keeping in mind your childs’ needs and safety is paramount. Check out our new shop for more tips and a whole range of products for you and your children.

“Riding alongside your child as they’re learning can create memories to last a lifetime.”

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