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A Hoverboard with Bluetooth Changes the Game.

When deciding on a hoverboard, there are essential elements to consider. Material quality, suspension system and brakes to name just a few. Usually, you hear about everything else being an optional extra. We’re here to tell you that a hoverboard with Bluetooth might just make our list of essential options. Make phone calls, listen to your favourite tunes and make commands all while you cruise the streets in style.

In the fast-pace, on-the-go environment of our modern lives, every new car now has to come out with Bluetooth. More and more phones are saying goodbye to the humble headphone jack and opting solely for Bluetooth listening options. We say it’s time the hoverboard jumped on board.

A hoverboard with Bluetooth allows you to control your speed and direction using your voice – that’s wild! It not only offers entertainment and comfort, but a sense of safety and stability as well.

What Does a Hoverboard with Bluetooth Allow Me to Do?

Bluetooth in no way changes the aesthetics or outward appearance of a hoverboard, it’s all embedded on the inside. The only noticeable difference is that they might come with speakers and a signal receiver. Most models are set up so that the Bluetooth automatically turns on when you switch the board on, making compatibility super smooth and easy.   

Simply switch on the hoverboard and listen out for the sound to let you know it’s discoverable. Once you’ve heard that sound, you can open the settings on your phone and find it on your list of available Bluetooth connections. Another sound should let you know that the connection is successfully established and you’re good to go!

Why a Hoverboard with Bluetooth Makes All the Difference

Picture yourself on a busy workday where you’ve been swamped by people with tasks, inundated with emails and meetings to attend. Whether you’re on your way to work full of dread, or you’re heading home after a long slog, Bluetooth can make all the difference. Putting on your favourite song or playlist can transform an average day into an incredible one. 

We underestimate the power of music in our lives. Music producers, score composers and sound engineers are paid unbelievable amounts of money to write the right piece of music to fit movie scenes and advertisements. Music has the ability to set our mood. It has the power to encourage us, to empower us and to completely enthral us. You can listen to music on public transport and in cars – so why not on a hoverboard?

Selecting the Right Hoverboard with Bluetooth for You

Now that we know Bluetooth is more than an added benefit when it comes to choosing a hoverboard, how do we choose the right model? 

Most modern hoverboards will be equipped with Bluetooth these days. What you want to look for is a hoverboard where Bluetooth doesn’t impede on the overall performance. Sometimes companies will go all out trying to kit out the hoverboard with as many gadgets and fads as possible and end up completely ruining the sleek design that attracts so many riders.  

You’ll also want to look out for models where support is widely available. If you buy a model where help and support services are limited, you might find yourself spending hours on the phone the first time you encounter an issue. Buying from our new online store means guaranteed local support across Australia. Check out our online store today! 

Which Hoverboard Model Should I Go With?

Whilst there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to hoverboards, there are some unique selling points that will help guide your purchase. If you want to stand out in the crowd and have your ride feel slick, you can opt for the more beautifully designed options. They might not come with your premium materials but at least you’ll be riding in style.

Alternatively, you can look for that premium feel by buying a model made in Australia. It’s unlikely these models would opt to use inferior materials like plastic and cheaper woods – these are the real deal.

Some other important factors to consider are the size of deck you’ll need, the charging time, the travel range and the speed capability.

Whatever model you go with, ensure it’s kitted out with Bluetooth! Nothing provides a better ride experience than a hoverboard with Bluetooth.

“Simple, smooth, slick. It’s as easy as that!”

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