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Off Road Electric Scooters Will Change Your Life.

Ever wanted to be that person who goes on adventures, takes life head-on and is fearless in the face of danger? Off road electric scooters might be your first step in the right direction. Whilst they may not deliver on the promise of a fearless spirit, they certainly give you the means to try. With sturdy hardware, bigger wheels and tougher suspension, these scooters will take you where you need to go.

Off road electric scooters are perfect for tough Australian riding conditions. You can take on dirt roads, cruise across outdoor parks and take on hills with ease. The versatility is practically endless. Additionally, they can take you to and from work with ease, avoiding nasty peak-hour traffic and leaving next to no impact on the environment.

How Do I Know Which Off Road Electric Scooters are Best for Me?

Now you’ve heard just how amazing these vehicles are, what about preparing to buy one? Our online store has a helpful guide to assist you in choosing from a wide range of off road electric scooters. Here are some factors to consider before making the big decision!

Tyre Construction and Wheels

These two components are perhaps the most important when choosing a scooter, besides the motor power. If you are at the beginner level or you need to focus on tasks other than keeping balance, you could consider opting for a 4-wheel vehicle to get additional stability. If you are more experienced though, the 2-wheel models offer sleek styling, a more compact carry size and storage option along with increased performance. 


When it comes to tyres, the type you choose is crucial. This all depends on where, when, and how often you plan to ride your scooter. Choosing a tougher, sturdier all terrain tyre can give you what you need whether you’re cruising the city streets or racing across gravel roads. If you want to simply make your way to work and back and plan to ride around flat, paved surfaces then you could afford to go with some slicker wheels.  

The last factor to consider when it comes to wheels is the size you need. Larger wheels will help propel you over objects on the road or path but they will add bulk to your overall look and make it less compact to store away. Again, it’s really just down to what you need and how you’re planning to ride. 

To Sit or Not to Sit?

It might seem like a silly idea at first – sitting down on a scooter? Believe us when we tell you having a seat can add comfort to your ride like you’ve never known! If you’re just travelling around and using the scooter as a means of basic transportation, perhaps a seat is an option for you. If you are planning on being a bit more adventurous with it though, we recommend standing up for added control and stability. 

Consider the Weight and Dimensions

Are you looking for a scooter to suit an adult or someone a bit younger? Are you going to be carrying it around or leaving it stored away? These are questions which impact the specific weight and dimensions you’ll be looking for in your perfect scooter. You’ll also want to make sure that the scooter has an appropriate max weight load for what you need. If storage is a factor, you can even consider foldable off road electric scooters. Whilst not as sturdy as some of the off-road options, they provide excellent convenience when it comes to storage.

Power Capacity and Speed Capability

Braving the great outdoors with your scooter means having more power to propel you up hills, over bumps and across long distances. Be careful to choose a model that matches your skill level. We always follow the wise words of Uncle Ben when he says, “with great power comes great responsibility.” You can run into trouble with the law if you’re travelling too fast on these things! Whilst you’re checking for power, also check for range and charge time to make sure there’s a good balance.

Congratulations! You now have everything you need to know to choose from some of the best off road electric scooters on the market. Check out our brand-new online store today!

“Off road electric scooters are perfect for the tough Australian riding conditions whether you’re travelling across bumpy bitumen or protruding pavement.”

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