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Thinking of an Electric Skateboard? Australia Has You Covered!

If you are thinking of purchasing an electric skateboard, Australia has some conditions which are important to consider before deciding which model to buy. Australia is renowned for its tough weather conditions that can potentially cause wear and tear on your board. Not to mention the variety or terrains which present the real possibility of damaging your board. That’s why it’s essential to consider the quality of components before making a final decision on your purchase.

Electric skateboards have enjoyed a rise in popularity as Australians recognise the need for more eco-friendly modes of transport that fit within their budget. The good news is that you don’t have to have ever ridden a skateboard to enjoy an electric one. They’re extremely user-friendly and easy to learn how to ride. That being said, it’s important to match the model you buy to your personal needs. Here’s a few ideas to help you choose the right ride for you!

Quality Costs More Today but Saves You Tomorrow

It’s important to understand from the outset that quality matters. Quality materials, whilst more costly up front, will save you money over time by saving on repairs or shelling out for a replacement.

You don’t have to ride for too long to know that Australia can deliver some pretty choppy surfaces. You’ll definitely be kept on your toes by the all-too-common loose bitumen and fractured pathways. For safety and enjoyment, there are three main components you need to consider when riding an electric skateboard in Australia.

For us, the most crucial components of a good electric skateboard in Australia are wheel size, tyre construction and your suspension rig. Everything else is secondary.

Finding the Best Wheel for an Electric Skateboard in Australia

The size wheel you choose for your electric skateboard will depend on where and how often you plan to ride it. If you are riding to work on fairly flat surfaces only once or twice a day, you may not need to worry about running super durable wheels. However, if you plan on going outside more often and maybe even taking it across gravel or dirt, then it’s definitely wise to think about employing thicker wheels. 

Choosing the Right Wheel Construction for your Electric Skateboard in Australia

Size isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to wheels. What’s on the inside of your wheels also adds to your skateboards’ performance. If your tyres are filled with air, they’re going to offer you a smooth ride which is a nice touch on a ride to or from work. But if you’re planning on tackling some rougher terrain, you might want to think about a puncture-proof filling. This filling can actually heal any minor punctures in the wheels as you let it rest. Now that is a pretty cool feature!

Rigging Suspension for an Electric Skateboard in Australia

The final essential component to make sure your skateboard is perfectly customised for you is the suspension system. Look for an innovative design which utilises the very best in modern technology. This will help with overall durability and future-proof your new purchase. The right suspension also enhances your riding experience and will significantly improve performance.

One Final Tip

Nobody enjoys being left high and dry, so you will need to consider the range and run time that will best suit your riding habits. Depending on the purpose of your board, you’ll need something that will go the distance. This will likely be related to its battery and motor power, so it’s good to understand their capabilities.

Hopefully now you have everything you need to go and choose the perfect board for you. Match your optional extras with your budget and personal needs to make sure it feels right to you. Some cool features to consider are body weight, aesthetics and technology. Visit our online store to pick up the perfect electric skateboard. Australia can be complicated, so we make sure shopping isn’t!

“You don’t have to have ever ridden a skateboard to enjoy an electric one.”

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