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Why Choose Big Wheels for your Scooter?

You may have heard that there is one thing that can enhance your riding experience like no other when it comes to your electric scooter. Big wheels can help protect your board from natural wear and tear and allow you to dominate rough terrain like gravel and dirt paths. A scooter with big wheels can deliver more control at higher speeds, open up a new range of terrains and provide added comfort by absorbing massive amounts of shock from the ground.

For Your Electric Scooter, Big Wheels Make a Big Difference

When it comes to your electric scooter, big wheels allow you to travel significantly faster than if you were to use your standard set. Reason being, that for each revolution the wheel performs, it travels a little further than a regular set. When you multiply that to your total rpm, big wheels make a big difference.

On top of higher speeds, you are also able to manoeuvre with higher levels of control. By really leaning into your turns, you can achieve great handling and feel in control the entire time.

An Electric Scooter with Big Wheels Lasts a Lifetime

Okay, maybe not a whole lifetime, but big wheels mean tougher wheels. When you’re riding around the city streets or through your local neighbourhood, you’re constantly riding over rough surfaces and debris. On a normal set of wheels, this wear and tear would shred the material, making your wheels uneven and volatile. When your electric scooter has big wheels, those rougher materials have more trouble penetrating and cause less damage.

Big Wheels Prevent Big Injuries

You wouldn’t know it but riding a scooter can be a pain in the backside – literally! The job of the wheels isn’t only to make the scooter travel, it’s also to absorb shock. With a regular set of wheels, a fair amount of shock will be absorbed, but they can’t really handle rougher surfaces. A set of big wheels means more material to absorb shock, protecting your body from injury.  

A Big Range of Big Wheels Available

Like a TV, there are a whole range of sizes to choose for your scooter wheels. They each serve different purposes and it’s really down to your needs as to which one is best suited for you. The bigger you go, the more you’ll change the aesthetic, and you may lose some manoeuvrability if the deck you’ve got isn’t equipped to handle bigger tyres. But with a bigger deck and capable braking and suspension, you’ll be able to get the job done just fine. 


Essentially, wheels can be broken up into 7-8 inch, 9-10 inch, 11-12 inch and 13 inch and beyond. For general usage, a wheel between 7 and 10 inches is suitable but for anything off road, you’ll be looking at 11 inches or larger.  

What Wheel Size Should I Get for my Kick Scooter?

The majority of kick scooters use wheels consisting of a plastic inner core that’s embedded with a polyurethan thread. PU is very suitable for urban riding and will hold up in most situations. Manufacturers love it because it’s lightweight, durable and has a significant amount of grip for its size. An added feature is that because of its molecular make up, it rebounds to its original shape when compressed by pressure (like a soccer ball). 

What are the Advantages of Bigger Wheels?

When thinking about your electric scooter, big wheels can bring lots of benefits. Larger wheels between 7 and 9 inches in diameter offer a longer glide which results in better rolling efficiency. They also add a layer of safety against unexpected bumps and foreign objects. At the same time, larger wheels often mean a larger deck which gives you more comfort and freedom.

That’s not to say it’s all good though. There are some considerations when choosing big wheels. They can be heavier to carry, more cumbersome, slower to accelerate and decelerate and less agile in the handling department.

So, whilst you’re gaining in the areas of performance and comfort, you may lose out in convenience. If you’re thinking that’s exactly what you need for your electric scooter, big wheels are the way to go. Check out our new online store today to see all your options!

“The job of the wheels isn’t only to make the scooter travel, it’s also to absorb shock.”

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