Mini Electric Scooters For Adults

A woman happily rides an electric scooterA daily battle for those always on the go is how they can manage to get through their daily commute, as easily and comfortably as possible. Being cramped with dozens of people or being stuck in traffic can be exhausting and tire you out before your day has even begun. Luckily, this is where electric scooters come in, providing the perfect answer to your daily transport troubles. But no, you may be thinking, aren’t electric scooters bulky and too cumbersome to fit on a train or bus?

You’d be correct in thinking this but luckily, there are scooters designed to combat this exact issue, and they’re know as mini electric scooters or compact electric scooters. Gone are scooters that weigh too much for everyday use and cant fit in the tight spaces you need them to, as mini scooters introduce never before seen ease of control and convenience! So come on in and dive into the world of the mini adult electric scooter.

Why Choose A Compact Electric Scooter?

Man sitting on a concrete block near the sea beside an electric scooterAbsolute convenience. That’s really the biggest benefit of having a portable electric scooter at your disposal. Thanks to the mini electric scooter’s weight, it’s the ideal ride for anyone who wants a straightforward solution to the hassles of commuting. However, many people hold the misconception that mini or compact electric scooters lack big motors and batteries, making them underpowered and quick to run out of charge.

That’s not the case anymore though, as with the constant developments in electric scooter technology you can now enjoy a ride that is portable and ultra-compact without sacrificing speed or range, among other incredible features.

Choosing The Best Portable Electric Scooter For You

With so many choices in the market, it can be overwhelming having to do research about each scooter you fancy. A good place to start your research when looking for a mini electric scooter, is to first figure out exactly what you want from your scooter. To begin, what makes a scooter compact a portable and what features do you value the most?

Well, if portability is a must then you should look for an electric scooter that is lightweight enough to be carried easily by an average-sized person. However, if you intend to take your scooter on public transport you should ensure you look for a foldable electric scooter so you can bring it on trains, buses, or trams without any hassle.

Woman riding an electric scooter under the shade of treesA great example is the Apollo Light. Considered the one of the most compact from the fantastic Apollo lineup, this electric scooter only weighs 16.8 kg. Don’t be fooled though, this sleek ride packs quite a punch! Its BLDC motor allows for a zippy 35 kmph top speed, plus, its range is no issue either as you can go for up to 35 km before needing to charge. Not only that, the Apollo Light is designed with foldable handlebars and stem which makes it extremely portable. With its performance and weight, your daily commute is sure to be uncomplicated!

Of course, the Apollo’s competitor, Segway, is not to be outdone as it has its own horse in the race. Incredibly lightweight, the Segway Air T15 weighs just 10.5 kg but is still fast enough to reach a max speed of 20 kmph. The scooter is also extremely portable, with a one-click folding system and retractable handlebars that guarantees quick storage in the car boot or on public transit. But that’s not all! It may be ultra-light but it’s still equipped with a highly capable battery that allows for a maximum range of 12 km. No doubt, with its portability and marvellous specs, the Air T15 is perfect for a last-mile ride!

For all the talk about these two scooters however, they’re not even the best electric scooters in their league. Below is a list of other electric scooters that feature countless useful attributes like a rear drum brake with rear suspension or max speed kick scooter that offers a top notch smooth ride, all the while still fulfilling the brief of ‘mini’ electric scooters – to be easily portable!

The Best ‘Mini’ Adult Electric Scooters

Apollo Air

The newest iteration of it’s cousin the Apollo Light, this scooter tackles the problem of safety head on, whilst still remaining portable. Not everyone feels comfortable riding a scooter for safety reasons but the Apollo Air is a great ride to start your scootering journey if you’re hesitant or safety conscious. The scoot is designed to be light, easy to control, and stable which is exactly what a beginner needs whilst still letting you zoom to your destination safe and sound!

A woman riding an electric scooter one sunny dayAs the lightest e-scooter in the amazing Apollo lineup, the Apollo Air only weighs 16 kg and has a foldable stem, making it easy to carry or keep under your desk. And, you won’t have to worry about being late as this highly-dependable scooter has a top speed of 25 kph! With a 20 km range, it’s ideal for short distances as you won’t have to charge it often. When you do need to charge it, it’ll only take 4.5 hours before it’s geared to go again. Plus, Apollo Air won’t let you down when your commutes require uphill routes as it has a climbing angle of 10 degrees.

The simple commuter scooter utilises a built-in front spring suspension to make your ride more comfortable as well as arear disc brake, and a regenerative dual drum brakes system to provide a swift stop, while simultaneously charging the batteries. The Apollo Air can also handle a maximum rider weight of 100 kg, and is IPX4-rated, so a few splashes wont be a problem. On top of all this, it’s a pretty stylish ride that can be your fashion statement for the day!

Segway Air T15

Segway has a great lineup of electric scooters that are known for quality, and the Air T15 is its Pièce de résistance. This electric scooter is one heck of a looker, with its simple yet futuristic design. More than that however, this electric scooter is jam-packed with awesome features and specs!

The Segway Air T15 is designed to be the most lightweight and energy-efficient transport to fit your urban lifestyle. Only weighing 10.5 kg, its amazing one-click folding system and retractable handlebars allow you to fold it 180 degrees at a height of just 22 cm. Perfectly portable to bring around on a bus, fit in your boot or tuck under your desk at work.

Woman riding an electric scooter on a bridge during sunsetFor an entry-level e-scooter, this brings an impressive 20 kmph top speed plus a pretty good range of 12 km to the table. Don’t even worry about steep roads as this has a great 10-degree climbing angle! It’s certainly ideal for short trips or strolls around the neighbourhood.

If you’re looking to spice things up as you ride around town, the Air T15 has 4 riding modes to suit your preference or any situation. The real highlight feature of this e-scooter is its regenerative brakes that allow the unit to store energy while the brakes are used. It’s an amazing way to prolong your battery life and be sustainable at the same time. The T15’s perfect balance of portability, convenience, high-tech specs, and exceptional design will make your beginner’s journey worthwhile!

Unagi E500

Don’t let the simplicity of its design fool you because this electric scooter definitely packs a punch and makes it a standout. A fusion of speed, range, and portability makes the Unagi E500 a worthy choice for any beginner. Light and sleek, it leverages its design which utilises Japanese TORAY carbon fibre to bring the scooter to its impressive 10.99 kg weight. With its magnesium alloy handlebars and integrated, intuitive dashboard, this electric scooter is a feat of engineering.

The scooter also features a one button folding design that allows riders to fold the steel hinge system of the scooter quickly and easily, making it much easier to carry when needed. The electric scooter‘s weight and folding system make this a champion in the portability and convenience category.

Cropped image of a person riding a black and white electric scooterBut its not just portable, as the Unagi E500 boasts a maximum speed of 32 kmph, accompanied by incredible torque power from the 250W dual motors. The scooter is additionally equipped with the finest LG battery to let riders travel up to an impressive 25 km and give you a decent charging time of 4 to 5 hours.


Uncompromised Safety

Safety is uncompromised with this lightweight scooter as it’s fitted with puncture-proof 7.5-inch rubber tyres and a dual E-ABS braking system supported by a backup rear disc brake to give you a steady stopping power without letting you lose balance. Get ready to take on the city with this light speedster that’ll surely turn heads with its elegant but trendy design. Monotonous trips will be a thing of the past with the Unagi Model One E500!