The Ninebot Scooter – What’s all the Fuss About?

Nine max speed, rear wheel drive, Ninebot scooter, Segway scooters, Segway Ninebot kickscooter, Segway Ninebot Max Speed… with a multitude of models and makes, you might be confused by what this electric scooter trend is exactly all about. Well, the electric scooter, also known as an E Scooter, has seen a massive rise in popularity lately in Australia, with Ninebot being one of the most successful companies at the helm of this trend. And it’s quite easy to see why. With an attractive sleek design, enjoyable ride style and low price, what’s not to like about Ninebot electric scooters?

Why Electric Scooters

With fuel prices rising, cars becoming unattainably expensive, and public transport failing to get you where you need to be, many people are looking to invest in assisted forms of transport, but often find them too cumbersome or too technical to be practical. A motorbike might look cool, but some people hesitate due to the safety issues that come along with them. Push bikes are excellent for fitness but are too large to be considered truly portable, and besides, who likes turning up to work covered in sweat? But E Scooters? They have none of these problems. 

Man carrying a Ninebot scooter while walking down the stairsFoldability

The large majority of electric scooters can fold up, turning a lightweight transport option into the very definition of easy storage and portability. A foldable or fold away electric scooter folds in half, with the handlebar usually hooking on the deck or near the rear wheel to secure it in place. This makes the scooter easy to handle and pushes its portability to the max, something which the Ninebot brand has mastered! 

Gravity Centred Design

Apart from foldability, the other thing to consider when assessing how portable an electric scooter is its centre of gravity when folded. In layman’s terms, this means that the scooter is not “awkward to carry” so that when folded, it will be balanced in your hand and not lean to one side too much. Ninebot has recognised this factor in portable design and, as such, it’s rare to find a Ninebot electric scooter that doesn’t feel more than comfortable when carried by your side. 

Ability to Be Pulled

One final factor that affects electric scooter portability is whether the scooter can be pulled when folded. The majority of Ninebot scooters, when folded, will have one of their wheels (usually the rear wheel) stick out from the frame. This makes it easy to pull the scooter along like a suitcase, taking the strain off your shoulders as you no longer need to take the full weight of the scooter. 

Types of Ninebot Electric Scooters 

Stand Up

A girl with a pink bag standing next to a Ninebot electric scooter in the parkNinebot stand up E Scooters have a flat deck and a long T-shaped handle, with the battery located under the deck of the scooter. This design is the lightest, most portable and affordable offered by Ninebot, as it strips back the E Scooter to its most basic elements. However, this type of scooter also requires the greatest amount of balance and skill to ride, as it requires a rider to stand on the deck and maintain their balance.


The key difference between seated and stand-up Ninebot scooters is the inclusion of a seat on the deck, turning it into a quasi-bike. There’s typically enough space to stand on the deck and use the scooter in the stand-up position as well as the seated, giving riders multiple options on how they wish to ride. These scooters are generally more expensive than the stand-up style due to their more expansive design, however, Ninebot offers a seat attachment for any model of scooter as a relatively cheap upgrade, making it a valuable extra to consider if you are a more relaxed ride.

Key Considerations 


When looking through Ninebot’s range of electric scooters, you should find one that fits your size, otherwise the safety of your ride will be affected. The size of scooter is usually arranged by their maximum weight capacity. All Ninebot scooters list the rider’s heaviest allowable weight, so it’s important to make a note of this statistic and factor this into your decision-making process. Exceeding the excess weight limit will put undue stress on the scooter and can damage the scooter’s body.  

Battery Life

One of the key considerations when selecting a Ninebot scooter should be the size of the battery. The bigger the battery, the more power the scooter has and the heavier it will be, factors which both influence how fast and how far a rider can go on a single charge. Charging time is also something to consider. If you know you’re going to be running your scooter dry late at night, but still need it for your morning commute it would be smart to invest in a scooter that has a short recharge time to ensure it is ready to go when you are.  

Man using a smartphone while standing on a Ninebot scooter on a sidewalkWeight

Most electric scooters weigh somewhere between 30 and 50 pounds, so weight will become a key factor to consider when searching for a Ninebot electric scooter. 30 to 50 pounds may not sound like all that much but will quickly feel heavy when you’re holding it for an extended period of time, so it is essential to look at the weight of a scooter when thinking about its portability.  


Are you planning on scooting alongside marathon runners or simply zooming to the store for a bottle of milk? These are the sort of questions you need to ask yourself when choosing a Ninebot electric scooter, as running out of power is never a good experience. Consider your daily commute and compare this to the max run time of any scooter you are considering. Purchasing a scooter which can’t manage a full return trip will pose problems! 

Top Speed

For some, going fast isn’t a priority, and for others it is THE priority! When looking at Ninebot electric scooters, pick a scooter with enough power to reach the fastest speeds your inner adrenaline junkie can handle. If that’s a calm 10km an hour, then choose a scooter which can provide such a ride. But if you’re after a faster experience, go ahead and pick one of Ninebot’s higher speed models and enjoy zooming around town like you’ve always wanted to! 

Benefits of Ninebot Electric Scooters 


Cropped photo of a man riding a Ninebot e-scooter

If you’re working on a tight budget, an electric scooter can be a big help, and Ninebot is synonymous with value for your money. Ninebot scooters are more affordable to purchase and operate than many other transport options and require minimal fuel and maintenance costs for casual riding. 

Environmentally Friendly

Electric scooters don’t produce exhaust the way a car or motorcycle would, nor do they consume fossil fuels, which make their carbon footprint very close to zero. This aspect of scooters makes them perfect for responsible global citizens who must commute, but still want to play their part in combating climate change. 


The small size, lightweight and foldable design of Ninebot electric scooters make them easy to handle and pushes its portability to the max. But that’s not all! No longer do you have to hunt for bike racks, car parks or the right train line, with a Ninebot electric scooter you can take your ride anywhere and everywhere, making commuting a convenient and exciting breeze. 

Ninebot Electric Scooter Models 

Segway Ninebot ES2

Technical Specifications 

Top speed: 25.8 kmh 

Range: 15.8 km 

Weight: 13 kg 

Max rider weight: 100 kg 

Water resistance: IP54 

Man strolling the city with a Ninebot scooter, with trees can be seen on the backgroundWith the Segway Ninebot ES2 E-Scooter you can experience the thrill of riding an innovative eco-friendly electric scooter. With the ES2 you’ll ride in comfort and style with a range of up to 20km and a top-speed of 25km/h so that you can get where you need to go with ease. The Segway ES2 is ready to go anytime, recharging in just 3.5 hours and offers 300 nominal watts to power you on slopes of up to a 10% gradient. 

Ninebot have done their best to ensure that this electric scooter is suitable for commuting, casual riding or just having fun. It comes equipped with handy features such as cruise control, mobile app integration and intelligent battery monitoring which lets you know how much battery you have left.

At just 12.5kg you can easily fold up the ES2 and carry it and store it where you need, either at home or while you commute on public transport. The Segway Ninebot ES2 is a versatile and practical E-Scooter that still has a bit of flair and style to impress your friends, while offering a comfortable and fun riding experience. 

Segway Ninebot Max

Technical Specifications 

Top speed: 28.7 kmh 

Range: 45.2 km 

Weight: 19 kg 

Max rider weight: 100 kg 

Water resistance: IPX5 


an parked his Ninebot Electric Scooter to answer a call from his friendFeaturing the longest mileage of any Segway-Ninebot, robust tyres and a chassis made for all terrains, the MAX offers solid value for money. The Ninebot MAX is just the scooter to ignite your spark! Made for riders, terrains, and journeys of all kinds, its versatility is tough to beat.

Say goodbye to spinning wheels when your electric scooter attempts a steep slope, MAX can climb slopes of around 15%, tackling them with ease. Rear wheel power offers you a better solution to acceleration, stability and braking. 

Various durability upgrades along with other feature updates such as a resistance rating of IPX5 for the whole body, ensure that the MAX will be your faithful, long-serving companion.

As always before you begin scooting make sure to check local laws, read the owner’s manual and wear protective gear. Always be safe when riding your scooter, and ensure you have as much fun as possible!