Best Electric Scooters for Commuting Australia

All e scooter models are designed to make commuting easy, fast, and comfortable. The only difference perhaps is the easy manoeuvrability feature. Some models may have bulkier bodies and heavier weights.

A lighter and foldable motorised scooter with medium speed features are the best ones to think about.

Speed may not be the number one attraction for the e scooter models from Glion Dolly Foldable Electric Scooter. The 24 km per hour top speed may not meet the speed test requirement, however, the price tag and the easy manoeuvrability will make it the top choice.

Commuting easily on Glion Dolly that costs $849 makes up for its low-speed feature. Being a foldable electric scooter, it makes it an extremely attractive smart electric scooter for all enthusiasts and the city commuters to buy.

Electric Scooter for kidsA young boy poses for a photo while riding his electric scooter on a road

The electric scooter for kids design has made kids claim exclusive rights over the e scooter. The e scooter design of yesteryears is a far cry from the current designs zipping their way through parks and pathways today.  In fact, even adults now have complete ownership of the latest electric scooter model.

If you weren’t aware the electric scooters are designed specifically to fit all adult requirements ie fast, light, foldable, battery efficiency, durability and long-lasting rides. The latest e scooter models are timely solutions to parking and environmental issues, when speed is not compromised it gives the e scooters an edge all of their own.

With this being said, let’s scoot straight into what the best electric scooter models are in Australia?  Making it to the list of the best e scooters is based on speed, weight, comfort, durability, price, and space-saving features.

The foldable electric scooter

Motorised scooter designs can never compete with the foldable electric scooter models as this design is cutting-edge that can never be replicated.

Weighing between 10 to 13 kgs, the foldable electric scooter is easily folded and ready to be carried upon reaching the destination.

Brand names obviously dictate price tags with some foldable e scooter prices ranging between $800 and $1,000.  Some of the best e scooter brands include Glion Dolly, Uscooter, URB-E, and EcoReco.

The durable e scooter models

Two students talking while riding electric scooters in the city streetE scooter brands create different makes and models to distinguish their outstanding components and features.  Keep in mind that specific models offer durability while others focus is fast speeds.

The durable models of motorised scooters are the ones most Australians go for due to the ruggedness of some of the country’s terrain.  The main elements worth investing in an e-scooter is to have a model that factors in a smooth, fast, and environmentally friendly experience.

There are points that need to be covered regarding unpredictable weather conditions and rough terrain which can be tough on some e-scooter models.   If you are on the market for an electric scooter then its best to keep in mind that the model and brand meet the durability tests.  This can be easily researched and you will benefit from knowing what to buy to best suit your situation or needs.

E scooter brands such as EcoReco feature different models. If durability is the main objective, all the e scooter models of this particular brand is the best fit.

Speaking of price, the durable model can range between $800 and $1,100.

Young businesswoman holding an electric scooter while looking awayThe longest-lasting Lithium Ion battery e scooters

The long battery range of e-scooter models should probably top the list with e scooter models that can allow 3.2 km/s  when fully charged, are the ones to go for. You will find the price tags for these e scooter models a little higher though they are the best value.

Some of the best brands of motorised scooters always feature long battery power which is positive as nobody wants their e scooter to stop halfway to their journey.

The smartest way to avoid this experience is to go with high-end brands like Go-ped.  This popular brand of e scooter may set you back between $1,600 and $3,500. However, features like long battery power, foldable, and lightweight offers a fantastic deal.


The lightest e scooter

The attraction to lightweight electric scooters is the ease to carry upon reaching your destination. Some e scooter models weighing 11kg or less meet the specific requirements without compromising on speed. Foldable and the low price are outstanding features in this e scooter.

You will be set back $999 for this motorised, the Uscooter.  Though when you take into accounts all of the features included, it becomes a very appealing option.

The fastest electric scooters

Young businessman in a suit riding an electric scooterContrary to popular belief, lighter weight electric scooter models are not necessarily the fastest though the fastest speed definitely makes this mode of transport even more appealing.

Consider models from Rover BR2 that can reach top speeds of up to 35 mph. The only downside is the waiting period of 4 weeks for this custom built e scooter to reach your location. The price tag of $5,950 may be another big turn-off, however, the value for money is superb with the features of speed and performance, which is always guaranteed.

This particular electric scooter brand is capable of giving speed accelerations of up to 48 km per hour in a matter of 4.1 seconds! It may look like an e scooter but it certainly runs like a car. This definitely an electric scooter for adults.