Electric Sit Down Scooter

Ever since the adult electric scooter was introduced and started to become widely popular as a transport option, a large number of riders have felt that something was missing. Electric scooters, while being fun to ride, are not necessarily the most comfortable transport option due to the simple fact that you have to stand on the deck to ride them. This problem found its solution when a few years ago a new type of electric scooter started to enter the market – the seated electric scooter! This style of e-scooter is perfect for those who want to take a load off while they’re riding, and enjoy a stress free commute, however there are quite a few questions to ask yourself before you dive right in and pick up a seated electric scooter.

Common Questions Surrounding Seated Electric Scooters

Are Seats On Electric Scooters Removable?

Black and white electric scooter with seat attached, on a white backgroundThe large majority of electric sit down scooters will usually feature seats that can be removed with a few nuts and bolts and a spanner. In some cases it is even easier to remove an electric scooter‘s seat, with simple quick release clasps becoming more and more common.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Scooters like the Scrooser or the SEEV-800 are designed to similarly to your average petrol scooter, more of a moped than a traditional kickscooter and as such do not feature a removable seat. Scooters that fit into this category are less common than their kick scooter counterparts, but offer a more comfortable ride that is much closer to what you would expect from a motorcycle or moped. However, it is important to be aware of the lack of removable seats when considering whether this style of scooter is right for you.

“Scooters without a removable seat offer a more comfortable ride, but sacrifice the portability of a regular e-scooter”

What Are The Advantages A Seated Electric Scooter?

Man sitting on the floor using a smarthphone and an electric scooter with seat attached leaning against a wallThe biggest advantage of an electric scooter with a seat is comfort. If you’ve ever felt your knees get weak as you ride, or if you’re unsure about standing up for your whole commute on your way home from work, then the comfort and support that a seated electric scooter can offer might be perfect for you. After all, seated electric scooters can offer more than a smooth ride, as a padded seat is always preferable to a long period of standing.

This comfort is then also balanced out by the ease with which you can take the seat off your scooter and convert it from a comfortable commuting vehicles, into a no holds bared thrill machine. As mentioned above, this is applicable to most electric scooters with seats, and while some may not offer a removable seat, the odds are that the best electric scooter for you will be able to switch from a seated format to a regular riding format.

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Seated Electric Scooter?

Electric scooter leaning to a teenage girl sitting, looking awaySome of the disadvantages with seated electric scooters can be pinned to the change in weight distribution that occurs when sitting down. A somewhat common complaint amongst seated scooter users is that their seated electric scooter becomes more difficult to steer and balance while in its seated configuration. This is understandable, as when standing, it is much easer for an electric scooter rider to counterbalance any shifts or bumps that their scooter receives, and additionally they are also able to counter steer into corners using their body.

While the best electric scooters will have design features that minimise these changes in balance and stability, even the best seated electric scooter wont feel as perfectly stable as it would if it was ridden by a standing rider. As such, you should be aware of the changes to balance and steering that are necessary when using seated scooters, in order to stay safe while riding. If you need time to get used to these changes, it would be best to ride your scooter below its top speed, in order to familiarise yourself with its steering and balance.

“Making modifications to your electric scooter is not advisable as it will void the manufacturers warranty”

Can Electric Scooters Without Seats Be Modified To Have One?

If a scooter doesn’t have an easily installable seat, it may be unwise to try and add a custom seat yourself. As with almost all electric scooter modifications, it is best to avoid making any serious changes to your vehicle unless you are using manufacturer supplied parts and instructions. This is because not only will you void the warrant on your electric scooter by tampering with it’s design, but you will also possibly be putting yourself and others at risk with unsafe engineering and attachments.

What Are Some Of The Best Seated Electric Scooters?

NanRobot D5+

The NanRobot D5+ is one of the best electric scooters with a seat in it’s price range, delivery exceptional value for money. This electric scooter has an unmatched climbing ability of 40 degrees, thanks to its 2000W electric motor that can get riders to a hit max speed of 65km/h on a respectable 80km charge.

Old man holding to an electric scooter with seat in front of a gate

Performance abilities aside, the scooter also boats a reasonably comfortable padded seat, that hits the perfect balance comfort, ease of use and stability. The seat on this scooter is also removable, making the scooter even more portable and even more versatile, able to switch from commuter scooter to thrill rider in no time at all.

The electric scooter also boasts a front and rear disc brake, which can deliver appropriate stopping power for its frankly overly powerful motor. Another benefit of this scooter’s motor is the increased maximum rider weight capacity that comes with its more than impressive talk and horse power. If you’re looking for a powerful, safe and comfortable ride at a reasonable price then the NanRobot D5+ would be a good option to consider.

Hiboy S2

If you’re looking for something even cheaper than the NanRobot D5+ then the next best option would be the Hiboy S2. This scooter model is one of, if not the cheapest electric scooter with optional seat that can boast a broad range of features and an unapparelled reliability. For a great price, you get some a top speed 30 km/h and a range of 27 km on a single charge. While this isn’t the most impressive ride time, it is more than enough for someone looking for an ‘end of trip’ vehicle that can get them a short distance quickly and efficiently.

Man riding an electric scooter with seat on a city roadThe one other caveat of the Hiboy S2 is its climb angle which is only 9 degrees. This means that the Hiboy S2 will only handle the mildest slopes, slowing down and needing a push on any hills with a more steep incline than its small climb angle. However, considering similar scooter in its weight range, this is actually a relatively respectable figure, as the Hiboy S2, at only 13 kg, carry a maximum weight 120kg, whilst still hitting its peak performance metrics.

As such, this is a very solid option for those who are looking for a budget electric scooter that has the option to have a seat as well. The seat for this scooter is included in the price, and you can be added and removed with ease. All in all, this is one of the best value option from the electric scooters with seats category, and is definitely a contender for the best seated electric scooters.

“An electric sit down scooter is perfect for those who want to take a load off while they’re riding, and enjoy a stress free commute!”

Razor E300s

The Razor E300S is the seated version of the now legendary Razor E300, one of the most popular and best selling electric scooters of all time. The Razor E300S can reach top speeds of 24 km/h, and has a range of 16 km on a single battery charge. This scooter is more of a fun toy for adults or school commuter for children than other options, but should still be thrown into the mix for consideration.

Cropped image of a person riding a seated electric scooter on a grassy field

For almost a third of the price of any of its competitors, this scooter will manage to keep pace with many others, and while it mightn’t be the strongest or the fastest, it definitely has it perks, one of which is its extremely comfortable seat. While, regrettably, not removable the seat on the Razor E300S is one of the most comfortable on the market and will deliver a consistent, smooth ride quality ever time you hop on. Seriously, this seat is awesome.

In spite of its limitations and low price, dont assume you will be getting a low quality product! With the Razor E300S you will be getting a great, time-tested, scooter as, while Razor produces inexpensive scooters, they are still one of the best brands when it comes to quality, bang for buck and overall fun factor. If you’re looking for a scooter for your child, or even an entry point to dip your toe into the world of seated electric scooters then you couldn’t go wrong with the Razor E300S

Razor EcoSmart Metro

The next step up from the Razor E300S, the Razor EcoSmart Metro is one of the final iterations of the mega-popular Razor brand, and it’s status as one of best electric scooters money can buy is hardly undeserved. This scooter is one heck of vehicle.

Designed with a comfortable and non-removable seat, this scooter is almost more akin to a bike than a traditional kick scooter, even featuring a basket attached to the rear of the seat. This design makes it a very practical scooter for those who want more than a thrills from their electric scooter, and are looking for commuting options where you could pick up groceries and ride around your neighbourhood without a wink of trouble.

Couple riding seated electric scooter downhillWith reliable hydraulic brakes and rear wheel drive stability, this scooter has enough stopping power and safety features to ensure its respectable performance will never get out of hand. The scooter boasts a respectable top speed of 30 km/h, and a range of 19 kilometres thanks to its 500 Watt peak power, chain-driven motor and appropriately sized battery.

Clearly in the budget category the Razor EcoSmart Metro is an inexpensive scooter that has the well deserved reputation as a classic electric scooter and one of the bestselling of all time, making it a very safe choice. If you’re looking for a reliable, stylish, and well made seated electric scooter that can handle a grocery trip or two, then the Razor EcoSmart Metro is the scooter for you.