Electric Scooters for Kids

Electric Scooter for Kids

Buying an electric scooter for kids is like buying them a sports car, horse or something they have wanted for a very long time…you get it they are super excited! Luckily in this case,they cost a whole lot less!  Before you make the choice of which motorised scooter you want to buy for your child, you first have to know what an electric scooter is, safety aspects and where to ride them.

What is an Electric Scooter for Kids?

A motorised scooter for kids is simply a stand-up, plug-in scooter that is designed for safe use by children, powered by an e-scooter electric motor.  For example, the Razor E100 is among the best electric scooters you can buy for your child.  It is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which will take about eight hours to charge.  As soon as the battery is fully-charged, your child can enjoy up to about 40 minutes of scooting time.  The E100 is an electric scooter for kids, designed for ages eight and up, weighs approximately 14 kgs, with a top speed of approximately 16 km/h.  

Are Electric Scooters for Kids Safe and how to ideas on how to keep your child  safe when scooting on an Electric Scooter

I’m sure all parents have safety concerns when it comes to their children when buying an electric scooter for kids.  Of course, common sense should always prevail, motorised scooters for kids have a few more things to consider than ordinary scooters, due to higher and more consistent speeds and what you feel your child is capable of handling.  Electric scooters for kids are safe providing that you have the right safety equipment and scoot smart.

Ensure your Child rides an Age-Appropriate Electric Scooter

It’s imperative that your child is always on a motorised scooter that is appropriate for his/her age, height, and weight.

If a child is on one that is too big for him/her, it will be harder to control.  On the flipside, if the motorised scooter is too small for your child, he/she may end up breaking it or burning out its motor.

Make Sure your Child Always Wears Protective Gear

That’s obviously a no-brainer! No kid wants to end up with scrapes, bruises, or even head injuries. A helmet, elbow and knee pads, and appropriate shoes, should always be worn.

Helmets are designed to protect the rider’s head during impact. So, the helmet you buy for your child should adhere to the mandatory standard set by the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standards Regulations) 2001 – Bicycle Helmets.

The ideal shoes for riding are skate shoes, as they are closed in shoes, to help protect the rider from injury, and remind your child to always knot shoelaces properly to avoid dragging or getting caught in the rear hub of a motorised scooter.

Teach your Child to Properly Brake and Manoeuvre

Before your child is out scooting on an electric scooter for kids  trying to go as fast as possible, make sure he/he first learns to effectively manoeuvre and brake.  Your child might just have to make a safe sudden stop to avoid hitting a pedestrian or avoid being hit.  Running into cars, stray animals, or people can really shatter a kid’s fun scooting experience.  So get out there with them and practice.

Ensure your Kids Always Rides with Friends

There is always safety in numbers, so it is more likely for pedestrians and motorists to spot a group of kids scooting than it is for them to see your child riding alone.

Also, it’s safer for your child  to ride among people they know because kids may forget to keep an eye out while having fun.  It is smart to have a set of rules for your child to follow while on an electric scooter for kids, as we aren’t always there to constantly remind them about being safe.

Where can you child Ride an Electric Scooter

Trying to figure out the best location for a child to ride an electric scooter for kids?

Firstly, please check with your State and Territory government departments or local councils to find out where your children can safely and legally scoot on their electric scooter.

So why buy an Electric Scooter for kids?

Does your child ride to school every day on a bicycle? Or is your child simply bored and needs to zip up and down the block in your neighbourhood?

Well then your child would love an electric scooter for kids.  It is great for exercise, gives them some independence and is a whole lot of fun.

Choosing an Electric scooter for your child is a great way to keep them entertained, to teach them about the environment and to get amongst nature, which in Australia is a great way to spend the day.  So, instead of spending an entire day playing video games or in front of a computer, why not settle for something that will encourage your child to get out and stay outside?

Electric scooter for kids is the way to go.  The thrill your child will get from riding an electric scooter for kids is one of a kind, and they will be dying to go out and ride it as much as they can.

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