Electric Scooters For 5 Year Olds

Despite being a popular transport option among adults, for getting from A to B, electric scooters aren’t just for adults… Kids too, enjoy cruising around the neighbourhood with their friends, and even kids as young as 5 can start learning how to scoot around!

Kid riding an electric scooter accompanied by his parentUnlike a kick scooter, they won’t even have to keep kicking their ride to move, making the ride even more fun, but possibly more dangerous and as such certain specifications need to be adjusted so that electric scooters fit perfectly with their height and weight, and the risk of injury for these young ones are reduced. As such, picking the best electric scooters for your five year old isn’t as easy and jumping on and going for a ride.

The key when looking for an electric scooter for your child is to find the right balance between maximum fun and reliable safety. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this parent-friendly guide to electric scooters where you can learn which kid’s electric scooter will best suit the age of your kids and get some handy tips to ensure they have tons of fun while being safe.

Why the Best Electric Scooter Mightn’t be the Best Kids Electric Scooter

Young girl doing a thumbs up gesture while riding an electric scooterMost electric scooters on the markets these days are built with three main purposes in mind, none of which cater to children. The first, is speed, with scooters that are more thrill rides than transport options, with a focus on maximum speed that brings them closer to roller coasters than a traditional kick scooter. These electric scooters are not at all geared towards children and can be downright unsafe if operated by a child five or younger.

The next style that adult electric scooters adopt is that of commuting vehicle. These electric scooters focus on providing a smooth ride for long distances, combined with easy portability so they can fit on a busy train or under an office desk. While these mightn’t sound like bad qualities, they are undeniably expensive, guaranteed to an e scooter’s price way out of the range most parents would be willing to spend on any electric scooter for kids.

The third and final area that scooters cater towards is the off-roading scene. It’s more common than you’d think with the electric scooter, world wide, being designed and used as a fun and rugged rural transportation device. However, unless you plan to let your five year old loose in the woods with his or her electric scooter, this is more often than not, not a top priority for parents and as such, not a desirable trait in electric scooter for kids.

So, what should you be looking for then? Well, again, the key when looking for electric scooter for kids is to find the right balance between maximum fun and reliable safety. Luckily we have compiled a list of the best electric scooters that hit this perfect balance. If you’re looking for a kids electric scooters for your five year old, look no further!

The Best Electric Scooters For Kids Five and Under

Razor E100

Razor electric scooter parked near a stairs railingThe Razor E100 is an excellence choice for kids overall, as it hits the sweet spot of price and performance, especially for younger riders. The electric scooter comes in a wide variety of colours, so your child can find one that suits her or his style. The scooter also features twist-grip acceleration controls and a hand-operated front brake, making it easy to learn for your younger kids and fun to ride for your older ones.

This electric scooter tops out at 16kmph, so it’s fast enough for your child to get to school on time with but not so fast that it ventures into dangerous, extreme sports, territory. The razor electric scooter brand is also widely trusted when it comes to electric scooters for kids, as their experience manufacturing traditional push scooters for children has made them one of the best electric scooter brands out there, with a robust repair service that is useful to keep in mind if your child tends to play rough with their toys.

“Unless you plan to let your five year old loose in the woods with their electric scooter, off roading features shouldn’t be on the top of your priority list”

Segway Ninebot eKickscooter Zing

Young girl poses while riding an electric scooterThe Segway Ninebot eKickscooter Zing comes in two models, the E8 and the E10. The E8 is designed for younger riders , with a max speed of around 14km per hour. The E10 on the other hand is made for older kids and teens and can reach speeds of up to 17km per hour. This difference in performance capabilities also comes with a difference in prices, the more powerful model being more expensive, an understandable jump in price but definitely a factor to consider when comparing the two options.

Both the Zing E8 and the Zing E10 feature a lightweight folding design, a cruise mode, thumb throttle, and both front and rear wheel suspension. They’re both available in blue, gray, and pink, and have a hand brake as well as a rear foot brake. Even cooler is the LED lights along their undersides, which any kid is guaranteed to love.

However, from a safety standpoint, neither have a bell nor a headlight, and the reflective sticker on the rear fender brake isn’t much help when it comes to ensuring your child’s safety. As such, its advisable that you go out and purchase some additional safety accessories for these scooters or look for different kids electric scooter options.

“A child’s electric scooter should be the right balance of fun and safety.”

GoTrax GKS

Designed for the youngest of riders, the GoTrax GKS has a unique braking and acceleration method as rather than using hand controls, it has two buttons on the deck of the scooter. Step on the first button and then kick off to start the scooter moving; step on the second button to accelerate. When it’s time to stop, simply take your foot off the rear button and press down on the fender.

Happy young girl riding an electric scooterThis intuitive design is easy to pick up for many children and can ensure less accidents can occur with accidental steering. However, for slightly older children, this design can become frustrating as the scooter tends to slow down whenever they adjust their feat, annoying little thrill seekers everywhere.

The GKS is lighter than most other kids scooters and has a hub-mounted 150-Watt motor, which should make for a silent ride. However, it has a 6-inch rubb er wheel, which means a bumpier experience than air-filled tires. And, its range of up to 7kms is shorter than other scooters, making it more of a fun toy and less of a transport option. Still, overall, it’s a very good electric scooter for children starting out and definitely a good option to consider.

GoTrax GKS Plus

The GoTrax GKS Plus is very similar to the regular GoTrax GKS, with one big exception: This model has LEDs built into the downtube and deck, which makes it a lot cooler to look at, and a bit more visible in darker conditions. While you can’t change the colours of the LEDs, you can choose a blue, red, gray or pink model.

This is a great feature for safety conscious parents who want their child to be as visible as possible while riding, and the kids even love it too, zooming around like a neon fire engine. This isn’t where GoTrax’s saftey features end either, as the GKS Plus also has a unique safety system; in order for the scooter to go, your child has to press down on two sensors on the scooter’s deck; as soon as they lift a foot, the scooter’s motor will stop, making it even more attractive to safety-conscious parents.

“If you want your child to be as safe as possible then it is best to equip them with all the necessary protective gear and necessary knowledge to be a safe rider”

Safety Tips For Children

Of course, when it comes to electric scooters for kids, safety is only partly related to the scooter itself. If you want your child to be as safe as possible while riding their scooter, then it is best to ensure you equip your child with all the necessary protective gear and necessary knowledge to be a safe rider. Below is a list of important things to remember in order to ensure your child is fully protected.

Young girl wears a helmet before riding an electric scooterAlways Wear a Helmet

According to a national poll at the University of Michigan only 59% of parents said their child wears a helmet while riding a bike, skateboard or scooter. Helmets are essential to ensuring that any accidents your child has don’t turn from bad to worse, so don’t let them be part of the 41% whose kids don’t wear a helmet, ensure your child leaves the house with the proper protection.

For extra protection, you could even consider investing in a pair of elbow and knee pads for your child, as these can even prevent simple scrapes and bruises if used correctly. The key with these is to look for a set that includes wrist guards, as they are essential for preventing broken or sprained wrists. Reflective gear is also a good idea if your child will be riding close to sundown. 

Add Bells, Horns, and Lights

To keep the price down, many electric scooters for kids lack bells, horns, or lights, as it is assumed that kids will not be riding their scooters after dark. Still, a little extra safety measures don’t hurt and all of these are inexpensive and can be easily found online or at a local bike shop. At the very least, we recommend adding a bell to the handlebars.

Young girls riding electric scooters in the city squareDon’t Buddy Up 

Kids like to have fun, but remind them that buddying up with a friend on an electric scooter isn’t the best idea. Every scooter has a weight limit, and even if your child and a friend come under that number, putting an extra person on the vehicle makes it harder to balance and steer. If you want to be as safe as possible, ensure your child only ever takes turns on a scooter, and never jumps on the back of a friend’s.

Check Local Laws and Regulations 

A Consumer Reports survey found that more than 1 in 4 riders weren’t entirely sure about the traffic laws related to riding electric scooters. If you, too, aren’t sure, check with your city about its rules and regulations regarding electric vehicles. In most cases, you can’t ride e-scooters on sidewalks and instead have to use bike lanes and share the road with cars. If you’re anxious about your child riding across busy intersections, try to map out a route that avoids streets with high pedestrian and car traffic. 

Teach Your Child How To Ride Properly

Electric scooters are not as tolerant of bumps and potholes than bikes because the wheels are smaller, and as such these elements can throw off an unsuspecting ride. Before your child ventures out on their own, take them around the block for a few test runs and try to teach them how to safely take off, accelerate and decelerate, hit the brakes, and manoeuvre around uneven sidewalks and sticks in the road. Manufacturers often include safety instructions with the scooter that you can refer to as you teach your child the ins and outs of driving their new vehicle.