Electric Dirt Scooters

Dirt electric scooters are rugged, durable and high-performance electric scooters that feature powerful motors, long battery lives and are primarily designed for off road use, taking inspiration from the off-road ‘dirt’ bike in their names. Riders often use dirt electric scooters on rougher terrains that average commuter electric scooters couldn’t handle. Whether it’s a steep hill or a rocky road, an off-road electric scooter is built for tough routes and even tougher riders.

With so many off-road electric scooter models out there, choosing the best off road electric scooter can be difficult, as you search through the massive selection of brands and models to find which off road scooter will give you the best riding experience and make your purchase worth it. To help you find the right e-scooter, we have compiled a list of the things you should look out for when choosing the best electric dirt scooter for you.

“If you need an e-scooter specifically for riding tough terrains, look for one that offers maximum motor power!”

What To Look For In Electric Dirt Scooters

Maximum Motor Power

Woman riding an electric scooter with seat on a dirt roadOff-road electric scooters normally have a motor power of at least 1000W and include one hub motor on each wheel, a system which is known as dual hub motors of dual motors. Because of this high power, some electric scooters can offer up to a burst output of 3200W, a very impressive feat for a simple electric scooter. Any electric scooter equipped with this sort of power is ideal as a dirt or off road electric scooter as the power allows the e-scooter to climb steep hills and speed through difficult terrains.

The motor wattage is also important because it will determine the e-scooter’s maximum speed. The more powerful the motor, the higher the top speed. If you need an e-scooter specifically for riding tough terrains, look for one that offers the maximum motor power that you need for not only riding off road, but also riding at the top speed that you find comfortable.

Long Battery Life

In order to cater to their large and inherently power hungry motors, most off-road electric scooters also feature high-capacity batteries to power them through long and demanding off road rides. If you’re looking for an off-road e-scooter that will ride long ranges, looking at the battery life will give you an idea of how far it can go. Like the motor power, the higher the battery capacity, the longer an e-scooter can run, after factoring in other impacts such as weight and riding style. After all, a lightweight scooter ridden casually will always outlast a heavy scooter that is pushed to it’s max speed at all times.

Another factor for riders to in mind when it comes to batteries, is that high-capacity batteries also mean very long charging times, with some models taking more than 6 hours to charge. So, if you don’t want to wait long on charging, consider this aspect and find a model with a good balance of battery capacity and decent charging time.

“Rocks and thorns can affect the lifespan of your tyres, so search for options that are as durable as possible”

cropped image of a person riding an electric off road scooter during sunriseDurable Wheels and Tyres

Having strong and solid wheels and tyres is important if you want to use an off-road electric scooter in Australia. Given the country’s harsh terrain and conditions, the wheels and tyres should withstand bumps and rocks at high speeds

For off-road electric scooters, choose tyres that are thick and offer excellent shock absorption and grip, or anywhere with tricky terrain. Rocks and thorns can affect the lifespan of your tyres, so search for tyres that prevent sharp objects from penetrating them and are as durable as possible, whilst still providing you with a comfortable ride.

Air-filled tyres for example are excellent for shock absorption but are prone to punctures and going flat mid ride. Airless tyres on the the other hand are resilient and will never go flat, but are also much more uncomfortable to ride on. As such it is good to understand what you’re looking to get out of your tyres and choose the type of electric scooter tyre that best suits your needs.

Strong brakes

Brakes are arguably the most important part of your electric scooter as their main purpose is to keep you safe and injury free whilst riding. As such, its extremely important that you look for a quality braking system that provides strong, smooth, and controlled braking power.

A rear disc brake is the strongest and most reliable type of brake for e-scooters, and provide all of these factors. However, some of the best electric scooters offer multiple braking systems such as rear hydraulic brakes with a front disc brake failsafe, which provides extra safety and protection, making them the clearly superior choice. Brakes will also need regular inspection to keep them in good condition, so make sure to have them checked monthly.

Man carrying a folded electric scooter in the parkPortability

Because of their heavy weight and chunky build, off-road electric scooters are not really built for portability. Riders will need a car if they want to transport their electric scooter from place to place. If you want a portable off-road e-scooter, choose a model that is foldable and smaller in size.

Riders should also keep in mind that carrying an off-road e-scooter in public is not possible because of its heavy weight. So, if you want an e-scooter that you can carry anywhere, go for a commuter electric scooter instead, or search for a hybrid scooter if you’re willing to make concessions on off road ability.

Build Quality

The material, structure, and build quality of your electric scooter will determine how durable and long-lasting it is on the road. Off-road electric scooters in Australia, in particular, should be sturdy enough to handle difficult terrains. 

Durable materials that are often used in electric scooters include aerospace-grade aluminium, carbon fibre, and polypropylene. Besides the material, check the structure of the e-scooter. Does it have a strong and functional structure? Does it have a sturdy base? Are all the parts connected well? Ask these questions when inspecting the e-scooter.

Ride Quality

Finally, test off-road e-scooters to know if they are worth buying. When testing, first see if the scooter is comfortable to ride, easy to manoeuvre and balance. Make sure to test it on rough roads, steep hills, and different terrains to see if it can handle it all your off-roading needs. Overall, get a feel of riding the electric scooter.

“Electric Dirt Scooters need to be able to harsh elements like mud, rocks, sand, hills and gravel”

The Best Starting Points For Dirt Electric Scooters

Dualtron Ultra 2

Man standing beside an electric off road scooter with helmet, river and trees can be seen on the backgroundMud, rocks, sand, hills and gravel; can the Dualtron Ultra 2 handle such harsh elements? You bet it can! When it comes to off-roading, one of the Dulatron Ultra’s most impressive features is its high-quality suspension. The Ultra 2 has front rubber suspension and rear adjustable rubber suspension which absorbs up any shocks and pressure bumps that often arise on off-road adventures, ensuring the rider has a smooth ride.

The Dualtron Ultra 2’s tyres also show that the scooter was clearly designed with off-road activities, and safety, in mind, thanks to its large tread tyres that provide great grip and stability, a necessity when it comes to slippery terrain. The long-range of the Dualtron Ultra 2 also makes it a great candidate for off-roading. With a strong battery that allows riders to enjoy a 128km range from a single charge, this electric scooter is a great option for someone looking for an electric dirt scooter that can handle whatever is thrown at it.

Bexly Blackhawk

With its twin hydraulic disk brakes, anti-slip rubber tyres and impressive 2400 Watts of power, the Bexly Blackhawk is perfect for thrill-seekers looking to take on different types of terrain. If a rider finds themselves in a dangerous situation, they may need to brake suddenly and need to have the confidence that they can do so without skidding out and as such an off road electric scooter equipped with high quality brakes is vital.

Cropped image of a person riding an all terrain electric scooter on a grasslandThis is where the Bexly Blackhawk’s brakes shine. The electric scooter features dual brakes, which are greatly superior to single brakes because they provide double the stopping power in both wet and dry conditions. The hydraulic nature of the Bexly’s brake also means that there is no brake cable, instead, the brake uses a sealed, fluid-filled system to stop, which allows a very high quality of braking because of the lack of friction involved.

The anti-slip tyres that are installed on the Bexly Blackhawk provide great gripping capabilities even on the most treacherous terrains. They’re also a beefy 10 inches wide, helping with traction. The power behind the Blackhawk is impressive – it has 2 X 1200-watt motor accompanied by twin 30A controllers. The double motor helps give the scooter the power to climb fairly steep terrains – it has a climbing grade of 20 degrees. With all these positives its hard to see a reason to not buy this scooter for all your dirt scooter needs!

Black Edition 11x

Off road electric scooter with seat parked near a lake

The massive max power output of 5600 watts behind the Black Edition 11x makes it perfect for daredevils who are looking to push the boundaries speed-wise when it comes to off-roading. The strength of the power behind this off road electric scooter is delivered through two brushless 1600W motors. This feature allows the Black Edition 11x to reach and exceed a speed of 100km an hour. The impressive power also gives the Black Edition 11x exceptional climbing abilities, letting the scooter confidently climb inclines of 70% or 35 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge.

The high quality front and rear suspension on the Black Edition 11x make this electric scooter definitely designed for off-roading. It can soak up even the hardest of bumps and jerks without affecting the comfort of the rider and will ensure that they have a smooth ride. Plus, this powerful vehicle allows riders to ride fast and climb hills for a long period of time with the 32 Ah battery delivers a maximum range of 150km from a single charge. If you’re looking for a scooter that can keep going for any distance, over any obstacles, then this the scooter for you!