Battery Scooter For Adults

Technician holding an electric scooter battery after disassemblyElectric scooters are becoming more and more popular in Australia and for good reason! Electric scooters are handy, low-maintenance, and so much fun! Be it for making your commute more bearable or just cruising around the city, electric scooters can inject excitement into your otherwise monotonous trip.

Plus, they come with the freedom of personal mobility, be it as a convenient “last-mile” ride or your main mode of transportation. Suffice to say, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of traffic and public transport. 

But, choosing the right one to fit your lifestyle can get frustrating when a dozen or more electric scooters are right in front of you, each with their own speciality. However, if you’re the sort of person that needs the ability to go on long rides on your scooter then there is only one choice luckily – battery focused adult electric scooters! Why you ask? Well that’s a very big question, so bear with us as we dive into the world of the battery focused adult electric scooter.

Why You Should Consider Electric Scooters With Large Batteries

Longer Ride Range

The first and most important benefit of electric scooters that focus on battery size and efficiency is that they can travel long distances or allow you to take on additional trips within your day. Long-range electric scooters in Australia can typically travel over 40 km of range, which is much greater than the average 20km range of most other electric scooters. This increased ride rage also means that, if you’re using your scooter for short range trips you wont need to charge the electric scooter’s battery as often as you would with regular commuter scooters.

Durability and Reliability

These types of e-scooters aren’t just focused on range however, as the shift of priorities towards long range journeys means these scooters are built with durable material so that they can handle the long rides. For example, the Mearth RS Series features a 500W motor, 10-inch tyres, and a magnesium alloy body, which contributes to its reliability, traits shared by many other good electric scooters that focus on their long range. As such, by choosing a long-range e-scooters, you can ensure that their lifespan will last longer than most electric scooters’.

Less Chance of Becoming Stranded

Young woman riding an electric scooter on a garden roadOne problem that some e-scooter riders encounter is not having enough battery power to take on more trips or travel long distances. As a result, some get stranded in the middle of their trip and are forced to walk, ride public transportation, or take a taxi. With long-range scooters, you can be sure that you have enough power to get to your destination and back easily.

In fact, a common issue with most motorized scooters that utilise dual motors, such as the S Pro electric scooter, is that their battery is not optimised to work effectively with the power output of the motor. This leads to riders pushing their scooters to the limit, hitting full throttle without realising how quickly the increased horse power is draining their battery, and as a result getting stranded suddenly and without much warning. Therefore, its essential to ensure you look for a good electric scooter that matches its power output to its power consumption, something that long range electric scooters are excellent at.

What Factors Affect A Scooter’s Battery Range?

“Capacity for electric scooters can be calculated in either volts, hours or ride time or maximum ride range”


Your speed or acceleration will have a significant influence on how far you can travel, regardless of battery size. Accelerating consumes more power and will deplete the electric scooter’s battery faster, severely minimising its maximum range. If you want to make the most of your range, travel slower by finding the right speed or using a lower speed mode. Riding on eco mode is recommended to save on battery and get more range, an option which the majority of electric scooters for adults will have built into their software.

Young woman looking away while riding an electric scooterTyre Maintenance

Maintaining the right tyre pressure for e-scooter tyres not only prolongs the life of your tyres but also helps get the most range from your electric scooter. Under-inflated tyres cause more friction due to the increased contact between the wheel and the ground and as a result, your electric scooter will need to use more power to counter act the friction coming from the wheels.

Rider Factors

The heavier the rider weight, the more power an electric scooter will need to expend to hit its regular speeds, and as a result, its battery life will be consumed quickly, reducing its max range in turn. As such, when riding an e-scooter, be mindful of your total weight to get more range out of your trips and consider choosing a long-range electric scooters as they are built for heavier load capacities, so that weight doesn’t affect the range as much.

Riding Terrain

Riding on uneven roads, rough surfaces, or inclines will mean more work for your e-scooter. Doing more work means that more power and battery will be depleted, thus affecting your max range. If you want to prolong your range, try to avoid paths or areas with uneven paths and steep inclines.

Battery Size

Finally, the most important factor that will impact your scooter’s maximum range is the size of the battery, a very basic but never the less important consideration. When looking for a long-range electric scooter, it’s best to choose one that has a large battery, most of which are physically larger to accommodate the extra charge.

When looking for a long range scooter you will need a battery that offers enough capacity to get you through long trips. Capacity for electric scooters can be calculated in either volts, hours or ride time or maximum ride range. It is important to do your research and look for these indicators of battery size when shopping for you long range E-scooter.

Luckily for you, we have gone ahead and collated some of the best electric scooters for battery life that are available in Australia.

The Best Electric Scooters For Battery Life

NAMI Burn-E MAX Electric Scooter

Stylish woman riding an electric scooter on the sidewalkThe NAMI Burn-E MAX e-Scooter is powerful, reliable and built tough. The electric scooter comes with a double motor and a Li-Ion battery, guaranteeing range and power. The scooter designer has focused highly on quality construction and safety features such as overheating protection, making an extremely durable and long lasting transport option.

The electric scooter comes with a 1500 watt peak power, providing you with the ride of your life with speeds that can reach up to 25km/h in the suburbs and 50km/h on private property. What makes the NAMI MAX a good its long-range scooter however is its 72V 32aH Lithium-Ion battery that produces enough battery power to travel up to 150km in a single charge. For reference that is 3x more than most scooters are capable of, making this the perfect for option adventurers that want to running errand, commute to work, or just explore their town.

Inokim OX Super Electric Scooter

The Inokim OX Super is a great combination of power, safety features and travel distance. This electric scooter really cares about your safety and as such the scooter features as an advanced braking system for instant stopping powers that uses disc brakes, front and rear lights, and braking lights to ensure riders are safe at all times.

The Inokim OX is a seriously large e-scooter that carries more than enough power to tackle rough terrain and steep hills. The electric scooter comes with a silent brush-less motor that is integrated into the rear wheel and has a peak power output of 800 watts, reaching a top speed of 45km/h. The motor is backed up by a powerful high-performing lithium LG battery that provides riders with an impressive 110km travel distance making the Inokim OX Super an amazing urban off-road ride but with an incredible maximum distance range.

InMotion S1 Electric Scooter

Technician repairing an electric scooterThis motorised kickscooter comes with a rear 500 watt motor and a huge 54V 12.5AH battery that will expand your travel distance to new limits and take you that much further. The InMotion S1 has an impressive max distance range of 95km, an excellent option for those who want long distance riders. The versatile motorized scooter is able to reach a top speed of 30km/h and offers instant acceleration. What’s more, this machine has excellent dragging powers capable of climbing 30º uphills.

Not only that, the InMotion S1 is protected against rain and water by its industry-leading water resistance capabilities – IP55 rating for the body, IPX7 for battery and IPX6 for its remote. This cruiser is perfect for all types of adventures and you are bound to love the 95km range it has to offer. On top of all this, the electric scooter has two charging points cutting the charging time in half, making it possible for you to spend less time charging and more time riding!